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Me-Made-June Recap

Me Made June Day 3Me-Made-June Day 8Abstract Floral Maxi DressMe-Made-June Day 21Me-Made-June Day 6Me-Made-June Day 16

So I didn’t do a good job of taking daily pictures but with the exception of a couple times I did manage to wear at least one hand made piece a day.

What I Learned:

  • It wasn’t that difficult to wear something every day. My handmade clothes are a big part of my wardrobe now, more than I realized.
  • This new house makes it difficult to take pictures. Not only do I not have a good backdrop for pics but I really need Justin to take them and he’s not always available. This definitely contributed to my lack of pictures.
  • I have a bunch of pieces that just need a little fix or tweak to be wearable. I should start working on that.
  • There are a few holes in my wardrobe that I’d like to fill –  more shorts (because it’s hot!), comfy everyday dresses, and a couple blazers or lightweight jackets (something I could wear to work over a sleeveless top or just for general layering).
  • I need to come up with better ideas to mix and match my clothes. I tend to wear the same outfit combinations on a repeat basis.

Even with the lack of documentation I’m still glad I participated in Me-Made-June. If nothing else it made me try to make a conscious choice in how I dress on a daily basis. Did you do MMJ this year? How was your experience?

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