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Shopping Spree

This is a first for me – I bought fabric online. I have never before done it because I like feeling the fabric before I buy. You can’t do that online but since I figure I have enough experience with knit fabrics by now I decided to give it a chance and ordered some fabric. And then because if I bought more stuff I’d get free shipping I loaded up my virtual shopping cart.

Not everything in the photo below was ordered online. Hancock fabrics was having a sale on Butterick patterns and I needed to pick up more stuff that was on sale anyway. And on the walk down the store isle to that “more stuff” I found this awesome pink jersey on super sale and next thing I knew I was broke (just kidding, but my wallet did take a hit!)


Clockwise from the top left –

  • Super cheap (and super sheer!) Swiss dot from Thinking about using it to make an anthropologie inspired dress.
  • Abstract floral jersey from Going to me a maxi dress but more on that later.
  • Assorted machine needles from Hancock. Because that darn quilt busted up all my needles!
  • Ikat knit fabric from to go along with the Kwik Sew pattern, the flesh tone swim suit lining and the swim elastic (all from Hancock). Once I buy some foam bra cups I can start working on that swim suit I was talking about.
  • Super soft pink jersey from Hancock Fabrics. Thinking about making a maxi skirt but more on that later as well.
  • White and orange trim from At this point I was just trying to reach my free shipping total, ha!
  • White burnout jersey from Same as the trim – I thought, why not? It’s cheap, I’ll just buy a yard. Maybe I’ll make a cool layering top out of it?
  • Butterick 5599 and 5489 – just stocking up while they’re on sale.

I normally don’t buy this much fabric at one time. Nor do I often buy fabric without a pre-set plan already in mind (like with the burnout jersey and swiss dot). Have you ever bout fabric online? Any top picks for fabric sites? Do you ever buy fabric “just ’cause” without a pattern or idea for what to do with it ahead of time?

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  • is such an addiction! They used to have warehouse sales at their headquarters in Atlanta and I’d go stand in line to take part in the madness. And, yes, I buy fabric that inspires me in hopes that I find the perfect project for it.

    I love the ikat print! One of my faves!

  • I always buy fabric ‘just because’ – I only buy if on mega sale. I recently looked at all my patterns and tried to match it with fabric I had, and what fabric I might be missing in hopes to only buy what I need, but at the next sale on top of what I need, I bought what inspired, which is easy to justify when it only costs 2$/Meter. I believe there is such a thing as a controlled stash. You have to limit you stash to storage limits. I am only allowed one under bed storage bin for fabric…which is holding around 50 meters for me to choose from at my leisure! Love your blog!

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