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Cute Cocktail Dress Disaster – Burda 7514

Cute Cocktail Dress Disaster

I am feeling a little deflated after making this dress. I blame Harry Potter for distracting me from my sewing for so long that by the time I got back to working on this dress I almost lost interest.

Cute Cocktail Dress Disaster

But I trudged through. This dress wouldn’t have been so bad if it wasn’t for a little detail. It’s too short. When I worked on my muslin it didn’t seem so short but this fabric is much thicker and doesn’t drape like the cotton muslin fabric I used. In the final version the fabric sticks out much farther from my legs and seems waaaaay too short – hence the tights in these photos.

Maybe I could salvage it – add some lace along the bottom, only wear it with tights – eh, but right now I’m just tired of working on it.

Cute Cocktail Dress Disaster

I am so tired of this dress, not only did I not bother to fully hem it or insert the lining properly but I didn’t even bother to photoshop out the plug in these pictures like I normally do. You can add “trying to smile nicely” to that list, too. That’s how lack luster I feel about this dress, ha!

Cute Cocktail Dress Disaster

Maybe I can walk away from this dress with a few lessons learned – like I really shouldn’t make fancy dresses unless I have a reason to wear them, otherwise I will never wear them. And don’t put projects away thinking you’ll get back to them because I just won’t have the same energy again. And another lesson I keep telling myself – stop sewing slippery fabrics! It’s just not worth it even if the fabric is pretty!

Oh, well. I’m moving on. I’m thinking of tackling some shorts next seeing as it is summer time. Or maybe that 70s dress I’ve had on my to-do list for ever.

Cute Cocktail Dress Disaster

But I hope I can sneak in a new project before I move because, oh yeah, part of the reason I’ve been MIA for the past few days – we’re buying a house! And that means I must pack! So that’s what I’ve been doing in between frustrating sewing sessions. So, sorry for being absent but you might have to put up with more of that this week as we’re moving soon! Eeek! Speaking of moving – I need to transfer my internet asap!

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  • what if you added a 4 inch black band of fabric across the bottom of the skirt to lengthen it and hold the hem down? to make it work you could add a black sash to the waist and add black bias trim to the neck and sleeves.

  • Maybe cut it off and turn it into a top, which you might wear more anyhow? The neckline is fun, the fabric is pretty, the bottom could be a scarf.

  • hmm, thanks for all the great ideas!

    Diayami, turning it into a top makes me think – maybe I could cut it apart at the waist and add a different colored skirt for a two toned dress?

    and quietandsmall – I like the bias trim idea a lot!

    thanks for the link Miss P!

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