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Dress to Tunic Restyle and Me-Made-June Day 12

Dress to Tunic Restyle Before

This dress was another garment packed away from two moves ago that I finally brought out of it’s box. I had a love hate relationship with this dress. I thought it was cute and I liked the color and the flower detail but unfortunately it was a little small.

The waist elastic was always too tight and the dress was relegated to the back of the closet to be lost with the winter coats and bridesmaid dresses.

Dress to Tunic Re-style

So to save it I cut out the elastic and transformed it into a tunic.

I used a raglan sleeve pattern from my Built By Wendy Dresses book for the basic shape. The dress had two layer – a semi transparent over layer with the flower detail that I used for the sleeves and the main bodice of the tunic was made with the more opaque under layer from the dress.

Dress to Tunic Re-style

I carefully cut out some of the flowers and crochet bits from the front and hem of the dress and replaced them on the sleeves and front.

Dress to Tunic Re-style

For the edges of the sleeves and neckline I sewed a very tiny zig zag stitch which mimics a rolled hem, I think. I’m missing the attachment on my serger to do a rolled hem. Lame, but the zig zag works!

Dress to Tunic Re-style

There was one unavoidable problem – since the dress was a little small, so is the shirt. Mainly in the bust area. Luckily the flower detail in front helps to disguise those horizontal lines you get on the bust (although it is still a little apparent).

Dress to Tunic Re-style

Since this shirt is still a little small I may give this top away. I need to find a skinny friend who’d want it. That or I’ll have to lose weight but I doubt that will happen!

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  • Really love this. looks great on you have any fabric left? perhaps you could cut through the middle of the back and add a little strip of fabric either side sort of making a button placket which could give you a little ease and then put buttons on or poppers.

  • Nope, nothing left. It was a pretty short dress and I used nearly all the fabric except for maybe some of the sheer overlay. Even if I don’t get to wear it too much at least it was a fun project and I learned a couple new techniques.

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