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Hanky/Doily Throw Pillow

Hanky/Doily Pillow

I’m knocking out my sewing to-do list. Today and yesterday I worked on this little pillowcase.

Hanky/Doily Pillow

It features a cluster of vintage doilies on one side and a vintage handkerchief on the other side and is trimmed in little white crochet lace with a zipper closure.

Hanky/Doily Pillow

The hankie was exactly 12″x12″ and the pillow I bought was the same size. I had to stitch very close to the edge of the hankie and stuff that pillow into the case pretty tight but it fits!

Hanky/Doily Pillow

I found the idea on Smile and Wave and slowly collecting doilies. Since I’m so cheap and didn’t want to pay more than a dollar or two per doily and since I was so picky about size and style it took me awhile to collect just four.

I stitched the doilies to a backing fabric  square but some of the doily edges aren’t stitched on very well and stick up. I may hand tack them down. Maybe, I say this but we all know how lazy I am when it comes to things like this. 😉

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