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Pattern Making 101 Class

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn (ok, that is an exaggeration, but being awake before 9 on a Saturday is a big deal for me) for my 8:30 am pattern making class at Stitch Lab.

The class was taught by (and partially why I took the class) Tina Sparkles, author of Little Green Dresses (which I own). Pretty cool. (What isn’t so cool is me in that picture. I got up way too early to make my hair or the rest of me look good, oh well.)

Most of the class was review for me like lengthening and shortening a pattern piece and adding seam allowance but I did learn so many things that what I was doing wrong and how to do it properly and I got to work with tools I’d never used before and went home with a major shopping list!

I also learned the correct way for making and moving darts rather than just drawing here and there and hoping for the best. Overall it was a great class and I walked away with my head swelled full of pattern making knowledge!

While I was there I also bought some of this awesome new Alexander Henry Dia de los Muetros themed fabric. I’m a little obsessed with this gorgeous detailed festive print. Who knew skulls could be so pretty? I’m going to use it to make something a little utilitarian and share a pattern for it, too!

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  • I used to have shoes with a Dia de los Muertos pattern on them. I loved them so much. I’m definitely going to sign up for a class at Stitch Lab, beginner-friendly of course! I want to make pretty outfits too. 🙂

  • I love that fabric. I want to have a Dia de los Muertos themed craft room now, or is that too weird?

    Cristy, I think I remember those shoes? Where they Vans slip-ons? Stitch lab is pretty awesome.

  • thank you sew much for this review. i’m debating whether to take this class or not…i’ve bought so many books about drafting your own patterns, but am yet to crack one up (scared, maybe)

  • kim, I always learn better by doing or having a person in front of me show me the way to do something rather than reading a book and looking at pictures. It some how makes so much more sense in person.

  • yeah, i think i’m the same way (which is why i haven’t cracked open those books, lol). i LOVE books, but learn better when i can actually see it done. i took the plunge and signed up for the class. 🙂 thanks again.

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