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Lost My Sewing Mojo??

Update: Wow, thanks everyone for the genuine and empathetic advice, seems we’ve all “been there.” I’ve cleaned up most of my room and it’s definitely helped already! Every once in awhile I have to take a break from sewing because all my creative juices have been squeezed out of me. I need time to get inspired again. I’m sure most of you can relate. Usually those breaks only last about a week for me but…

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Why does sewing have to be so hard??

(the fabric-covered-buttons from hell) I’m currently trying to draft a look-a-like dress based solely on a picture. Not all of this is difficult – I can make a fitted bodice and a gathered skirt. I can insert a zipper and sleeves. But this dress I’m copying does have a big fat collar and I’m having a little trouble recreating it. But one of my biggest issues are the buttons. I need four fabric covered buttons….

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Pattern Making 101 Class

Yesterday I got up at the crack of dawn (ok, that is an exaggeration, but being awake before 9 on a Saturday is a big deal for me) for my 8:30 am pattern making class at Stitch Lab. The class was taught by (and partially why I took the class) Tina Sparkles, author of Little Green Dresses (which I own). Pretty cool. (What isn’t so cool is me in that picture. I got up way…

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Downloading Patterns

If you’re interested I uploaded two patterns for download on BurdaStyle – my One Shoulder Knit Dress and my Two Piece Tunic, each in multi sized patterns. And my Tunic pattern already has over 300 downloads! I doubt that many people will actually make it but it’s nice to know people are looking at the pattern. You can always download the patterns here, too, just check out the Crafts page. In other news, I’m taking…

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Feeling Productive

So far this week I:– Bought new tires and got an oil change (on one of my tires you could see the wire poking out of the rubber. not good…) – Returned my library books– Checked out the third Harry Potter book (yes, I’m about 10 years late but I am just now deciding to read the books)– Returned something to – Bought milk and laundry detergent. Both were very much needed.– Finally made…

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