Floral Circle Skirt and Cropped Sweatshirt

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt
This post is a two-fer! A whole me-made coordinating outfit. I’m teaching a bunch of sewing classes these days at a local Austin store, including a circle skirt class. I made this skirt as an example based on my measurements.

I found this great big floral stretch cotton at Joann Fabrics. I loved the graphic look of the roses and the colors. It had a very 50s vibe so what better use for it than a circle skirt?

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

I saw this fabric about a week before I bought it and decided not to get it during that trip. The next time I went to the store there wasn’t much left on the bolt. In fact it was just enough to make the circle skirt. I had to piece together the waistband.

Only problem – the fabric had a misprint – streaks of white running down the center fold along the grainline. Luckily, I saw it and was able to get the fabric at a big discount.

I did a pretty good job of hiding the unprinted areas in the back seam. Only a couple streaks show but they’re not noticeable.

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

(obligatory twirl shot)

I used a center back invisible zipper for the closure and made a narrow 1″ waistband (hidden by my shirt).

Because this fabric has some stretch in it, I worried that it would stretch out a bunch at the bias angles. It did. Good thing I let the skirt hang for about a week before I and trimmed the excess and hemmed it.

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

So after I finished my pretty new skirt I discovered nothing in my wardrobe went well with it. Time to sew a new shirt!

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

I had some criteria for this shirt:

  • Solid color: another print would just compete with the roses.
  • Cropped: I didn’t want to have to tuck a bunch of fabric into this skirt (I realize I could have made a Ginger Bodysuit, maybe next time).
  • Modern & vintage: rather than go all out feminine and 50s inspired, I wanted something more modern and even a little sporty. The raglan sleeves instantly read casual and I like the look of a sweatshirt mixed with an uber-girly skirt.

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

The shirt is drafted from an old raglan block. I simply changed the sleeves, made cuffs, narrowed the bodice, and added a waistband.

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

I found this fabric at Joann (I know right? Joann is really uppin’ their game lately…). It’s a heathered jersey with some kind of metalic-y fiber in it like the fabric I used for my Morris Blazer (although that was a ponte, not a jersey).

Self Drafted Circle Skirt and Raglan Sweatshirt

I’d call this outfit a success. Big ass roses 4evah!!!

Also, f you want to make your own circle skirt, By Hand London has a good tutorial (and an app!).

Deer and Doe and Grainline both have similar patterns as my shirt if you don’t want to draft one yourself.


  • Jade Rimmer

    I love this outfit. The print on the skirt is gorgeous.

  • lisa g

    This is a great outfit! I love the sporty vibe with the raglan top. Perfection!

    • Thanks I’m glad other people like it too 😉

  • Beautiful outfit! I love the mix of girly with sporty!

  • Beautiful bright transitional outfit! very nice 🙂

    • Thanks, it works well for Texas fall/winter when the weather can never decide if it wants to be cold or not.

  • I want this entire outfit. Thankyouverymuch 🙂

    • Aw, thank you 😉

  • That cropped sweater is gorgeous! Such a lush colour!

  • pootleandmake.wordpress.com

    Love the swishy skirt and the little top is so cute.

  • You totally convinced me on the cropped sweatshirt with circle skirt! Now I’m planning a couple versions of the Ondee pattern…

    • Oooh can’t wait to see them 😉 thx

  • I love everything about this, and totally need a cropped sweatshirt now. Perfect!

    • Aw, thanks a bunch

  • Sabine

    Beautiful outfit!

  • Lia Marcoux

    UM adorable. I’m always a big circle skirt fan but that cropped sweatshirt is taking the cake!

  • Margo Bergman

    So pretty!

  • LA Picker

    I love this outfit!

  • Kristen Van Dyke

    how did you trim the skirt after hanging it? did you measure all the way around at intervals of a certain length? did you lay it down and flare the sides and just eyeball it? I’m terrified of a bias hem because I don’t know how to trim that sucker up!!

    • I measured down from the waist to the hem all the way around. This works for me because I don’t have much of a bum so my hem stays even. But if you have a lot of business in the back the best way to hem it is from the ground up while wearing the skirt. But for that you need a competent friend to help you.