Sparkle Ponte Grainline Morris Blazer

Grainline Morris Blazer

Sorry that some of these pics are a little blurry. It’s been raining all weekend so I was forced to do indoor photos. Black fabric is hard to photograph anyway.

Grainline Morris Blazer

The Pattern: I’m a little late on the bandwagon for Grainline’s Morris Blazer. Better late than never. I was drawn to this design ’cause it’s a simple, unlined jacket that I thought I could make quickly. I wasn’t wrong. This pattern came together in just a few hours.

Grainline Morris Blazer

The Fabric: Some weird rayon poly blend ponte with tiny metallic threads running through it. Bought it at Joann Fabrics which has been surprising me lately with some good fabric finds.

Grainline Morris Blazer

The Changes: I didn’t exactly follow the directions very well for the hem facing and that point where the lapel meets the hem facing had about 70 layers of fabric in there (and this fabric is thick). I tried to trim some of the seam allowance there but only ended up with raw edges sticking out at the point.

Grainline Morris Blazer

Then I kind of half-assed whip stitched the points down and now they look ok (you can’t see the hand stitching). Next time I’ll do it the correct way.

Grainline Morris Blazer
Also, I can’t really tell but I think I might need a small FBA on this jacket. The fabric wants to roll back on itself at the front shoulders.

Grainline Morris Blazer

The Results: I’m hooked on this pattern now. I gotta make, like, a dozen more. I don’t have many blazers that I wear regularly but I can already tell this is going to be a popular one this winter. Another Grainline winner for me!

Grainline Morris Blazer

  • Caroline Joynson

    Looks great on you x Nice work there.

  • So cute! I love your blue flats too!

    • lol, thanks, i wear those shoes a lot, blue suede!

  • So, so cute! I have been on the fence @ this pattern – but your make & styling make me want one!

  • Sara C

    This is on my short list too. I’m home with 6 kids all day and usually wear hoodies. A knit blazer seems like the perfect way to feel like I’m dressed nicely without sacrificing comfort. Thanks for the review!

    • oh yeah, this would be a good alternative to a hoodie. speaking of comfy-but-nice-looking clothes: the true bias hudson pants would be great in a pretty fabric and still super comfortable. thanks 🙂

      • Sara C

        I have the Hudson Pants, and you are right…cute and comfortable!

  • sallieforrer

    I love it! The sparkle ponte sounds brilliant – more exciting than basic black, but just as versatile!

    • Thanks sallie, even though it’s a little sparkly it still counts as a solid so it can go with lots of other garments.

  • Mrs. Smith

    Really cute!

  • This is so cute! I really need to buy that pattern. I’ve been eyeing it ever since it was released.

    • Thanks beth, you totally should get it 😉

  • LOVE IT. This is my favorite Morris yet! You look super chic.

  • lisa g

    Oh, this is so cute!! I love the Morris, and need to make another… probably in the spring since it’s already getting cold here! I was at joanns today and I think I saw this exact fabric in red and thought it was really nice with the subtle metallic thing going on.

    • Thanks! I really loved your stripe version. Red would look great, too!