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Tag: self-drafted

Floral Circle Skirt and Cropped Sweatshirt

This post is a two-fer! A whole me-made coordinating outfit. I’m teaching a bunch of sewing classes these days at a local Austin store, including a circle skirt class. I made this skirt as an example based on my measurements. I found this great big floral stretch cotton at Joann Fabrics. I loved the graphic look of the roses¬†and the colors. It had a very 50s vibe so what better use for it than a…

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Sparkly Box Pleated Skirt

Oh, look, it’s my old standard photo background – the moldy green backyard fence! It’s not the prettiest place but its shaded and gets amazing light in the afternoon. I hadn’t used it much lately because the giant trees surrounding our house make for a thick¬†blanket of leaves over everything each spring. I finally got around to clearing out the leaves this week – I filled thirteen(!!!) of those big kraft paper yard bags!. The…

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Cut-out Dress Version 3.0

I’ve been busy busy busy working on all kinds of sewing but it’s been so cold and rainy lately that I’ve not yet been able to take pics of anything¬†until now. This is my third iteration of this dress and I’m quite excited to share it with you! The Pattern: Self-drafted. I only made minor¬†adjustments since my second version but nothing that is noticeable. The Fabric: A brilliant silk/cotton blend with a paneled border print…

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Self Drafted Side Cut Out Dress 2.0

I think we have a winner! I revised my bodice block and the bodice pieces I used for my first version of this dress and now the whole thing fits much better. My first version turned out disappointingly baggy. I lowered the V in the back and got rid of some annoying gaping here and there. It still has those side cut outs which I like more now that the bodice is more snug. I…

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Self Drafted Side Cut-Out Dress

Here’s something new! My 2015 has not been off to the best start in terms of sewing productivity but I have finished one new item – this dress! The Pattern: I drafted it myself based on my bodice block (which looks like I’m going to have to make smaller, this bodice is way too big) with some minor alterations. I added a narrow waistband and a slightly curved gathered skirt but the cool part is…

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Dotted Mini Skirt

This is the product of my first test print of my soon to be published (and by “soon” I mean in the amount of time it takes George R.R. Martin to publish his next book) skirt pattern. The first test print is exactly what it sounds like. I digitized my pattern, graded it and re-printed it out to compare it to the original pieces. This is the first – but certainly not last – step…

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Self Drafted Cut-out dress

I feel like I’ve been slacking a bit with this blog the past couple weeks. Sorry peeps! But I’ve been busy with other stuff – painting my house, building nightstands, cleaning up post Christmas and sewing! This is my first draft of a dress that you may have seen my sketch for. It needs some tweaks but other than that it’s not so bad for a first try. Let’s talk features! This dress has: a…

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