Hot Cocoa Sweater Free Pattern!!


Hey all, guess what! You get a free pattern! I feel like I should act like Oprah on her car giveaway show only rather than shouting, “You get a car!” I should be saying, “You get a pattern! And you get a pattern!” with lots of pointing.


Ok, but don’t get too excited. This pattern is only in one size (cue audible collective disappointment), but hey, multi-sizing takes time! Plus, at-home pattern grading isn’t too hard so you’ll be fine. 😉


This is my Hot Cocoa Sweater (or jumper for those across the pond). I made it with a heather-brown, cotton/hemp blend, sweater knit from Fabricker that reminds me of melting marshmallows in hot chocolate (how fitting for a cool fall day!). It’s a pretty stable fabric which is nice for this design and it’s really cozy.


It’s got long, raglan sleeves with cuffs (’cause I like cuffs on long sleeve tops); a round neckline (my fave, but you already know that) with a topstitched collar; a loose fit (at least on me, anyway); and a slightly hi-low curved hem.


The front length is shorter than the back. The front hits me right at the top of my low-rise pants which makes it nice if you like to show off belts, but it’s longer in back for coverage. If you are long-waisted or you want a longer shirt you can easily slash and spread the pattern.


So, what’s the one size? My size – bust measurement 33-34″. The finished garment bust measurement is 37″ and the hip is open.


This PDF pattern includes 1/4″ seam allowances, has 5 pattern pieces, and is 20 printed pages.

Unlike my paid patterns this one does not include illustrated instructions, just text instructions, but it does include supplies, yardage, printing and cutting layout.

The pattern is for knits but it is a fairly loose cut so you could get away with making it in a woven but I haven’t done so.

(Justin felt the need to show how ridiculously overgrown our wheat field backyard is. So here it is. I am appeasing him.)
So click here to download the pattern and check it out for yourself!

Also, as always, I love feedback so let me know your thoughts!

  • cute! Love it, as soon as winter comes back around down here this is on my list!

  • Ahhh! I want a cup of hot chocolate! 🙂

  • Oh wow, thanks so much! It’s a lovely little jumper and one that I’m very tempted to use…I have a lot of knit / jersey fabric to use up!

  • I LOVE it. Totally downloading and dying to go shop for knits. Thank you, Oprah!!

  • ooo I love it! thanks so much for the freebie! it’s just my style (and size!). x

  • awesome top! i love this, and just in time for me to kick into cold-weather-sewing mode!

    • okay, i finally made up this top yesterday and super love it!!! thanks for a great pattern!

  • Supercute! Such a versatile pattern – thanks!! And I happen to be the same size as you so extra convenient for me!! 😉

    LOVE the gif! x

  • Love it! I’ve been needing a pattern for something a little slouchy… I may do this in a soft jersey…. THANKS LADY!

  • This is a great pattern! You really can turn out a downloadable pattern in a jiffy! I’m still learning the ropes. Although I buy lots of pretty, frilly, and fun blouses, I’m constantly changing midday into a comfy and cozy tee like this!

    • thanks, maddie. it’s easier when i don’t have to size the pieces and make fancy picture instructions. that stuff takes a lot more time. 😉

  • Very cute — love the fabric and the design. And great name! {exits to the kitchen to make some hot cocoa…}

    • haha, thanks to you!!! 🙂

  • How cute! I love this! Thanks for the freebie! 😀

    And ugh– I have the exact same backyard situation! I thought I was being all cute and eco-friendly when I bought a rotary lawn mower, but crap, it’s SO HARD to motivate myself to actually cut the lawn!

    • I have a rotary mower, too, but if the grass grows too tall the mower just bends the grass rather than cutting it. we had to get a power mower after all. 🙁

  • Printing this thang now. I think I am going to be adventurous and make it out of this small chunk of mid-weight nubby wool that I assume is coating… we’ll see what happens. Thanks for sharing!

    • hmm, that sounds interesting. i’d love to see what it looks like when you finish!

  • Oh, what a great sweater. Thanks for giving the pattern away….It looks like a great casual top. I’ve come to love my casual clothing – especially since that is all I seem to sew these days. I love the fabric too.

    • casual is all i ever sew, too, lol.

  • Ah I love it!! Downloading it asap!

  • It’s so cute and looks like a real wardrobe essential! Thanks for making it downloadable….I have sweater knit to use….

  • This is perfect! I love it I’ve been looking for a long sleeve raglan top. Downloading ASAP!

  • sew cute!!! How am I just finding your blog??? I’m Laura and I’m from Austin too 🙂

    • thank you! welcome to the blog. i checked out yours, too. you should come to our sewing meet up group!

  • Super, super, SUPER cute! Looks like even though the free pattern is only one size, that size would fit and flatter a wide range of sizes… 6-14 I’d bet!

  • I sewed this up today!! I did some alterations to fit me. I’ve got to take photos (too gray and dark today after the hurricane here) and will post a blog entry on my blog then and PatternReview review. It was super easy to make and turned out well. It’s a good, versatile pattern for lots of different kinds of knits. I’m digging the raglan sleeves. Thanks for a sweet pattern 🙂

    • awesome! i can’t wait to see it kathy! i hope you’re ok up in NY!

  • Ohhh I’m making it.. Thanks darling

  • Aw, you look so adorable in these photos!
    Thank you so much for the pattern, I really want to try it!!!

    • aww, thank you 🙂

  • Adorable! You and your design — thanks so much!

  • I’ve been thinking about raglan sleeve knit tops for weeks! And now you so generously give away this pattern! Your version looks so snug and cosy, great colour.
    Already downloaded and just considering my fabric choice. Thanks so much!

  • Ohh, this looks comfortable and cool at the same time!
    Thanks for sharing!

  • Zoe

    Totally lovely! You look gorgeous as always xx

  • Very cool! I have to grade 90% of all the patterns I use so I’m so game. The shirt looks uber cozy. Thanks for sharing!

  • Amazing! I’m so excited to make this. Thank you!

  • Thank you so much for this generous give away! I’ve been looking for a pattern to use as a basis for an Eileen Fisher type garment and this fits the bill. Just goes to show ya – it can be suitable for mature figures also!

    Thanks again!

  • Victoria Escrig

    Thank you!!!

  • facebook12

    Very cool! I have to grade 90% of all the patterns I use so I’m so game. The shirt looks uber cozy. Youc an see more styles here:

  • Barbara Johnson

    What a great design! 😀