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Do you have “Poly Prejudice”?

(image from here. oh, the things you can buy from amazon…)  Poly Prejudice is a term I heard from a local fabric store owner who was bemoaning how some customers wouldn’t buy polyester fabric because they thought it was either not as good quality compared to natural fibers or just poorly made in general. According to him polyester manufacturers have completely upped their game since the 70s when most people developed their disgust for man…

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Holiday Ornament Exchange – the tree!

Things are a little low key at my house this Christmas. We put up a little artificial tree with some colorful vintage ball and only my most favorite ornaments, including the new ones from the Holiday Ornament Exchange! I loved getting all the cute little packages in the mail with nice notes! Opening each one really got me into the Christmas spirit! Even my mail man was jolly when he delivered them one after the…

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Pattern Making FAQ

I read an article in the most recent issue of Threads (I don’t think the article is available on their site) about how to start your own pattern company, which as an extremely minor player in the pattern company game, I was interested in reading it. Unfortunately I was quite disappointed. The article covered basic concepts no real concrete steps to making your pattern making dreams come true. The article could be summed up like…

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Dixie DIY Flickr Group

I have one more swim suit to share but my computer has been acting funny lately so finishing posts has been tricky. I may have to buy a new computer in addition to a new camera. 🙁 Oh well, in the mean time I have set up a new Flickr Group for Dixie DIY where you can share clothes you’ve made from my patterns or tutorials (feel free to link to your own blogs, too)…

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…And we’re back!

Whoa, sorry for the absence last week. I started getting sick last Tuesday, then my birthday was Wednesday and then that night I got hit with the cold from hell that went buckwild on my immune system. I’m feeling better now but all last week I didn’t feel like doing anything – no sewing, crafting, drafting, eating. So now I hope to hit the ground running this week. I’m working on my new shirt pattern….

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Ballet Dress Pattern Now on Craftsy

Did you know now has a pattern section? You might have heard about Gertie’s Bombshell Dress class on Craftsy before. Well, I added my Ballet Dress pattern to their catalogue just to try it out. You can still buy the pattern from BigCartel but if you’re over on Craftsy already and in the mood for some pattern shopping, well, it’s convenient. I’m thinking about adding some of my free patterns on their site, too,…

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Pattern Review Member in Focus

Earlier this week I was asked by peeps to do a little interview! Check out the Member in Focus blog post. It is also going to be in their newsletter later, too. Diane from PR was really nice and asked some great, personalized questions. Thanks, Diane! ***Oh, and that 50s skirt with the sequins I said I was working on in the interview – yeah, if you’ve been around long enough you might know…

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My Jasmine top gets a little extra love

Look! I’m quite flattered that the Coletterie (Colette Patterns‘ blog) had me as a Featured Seamstress today with my little B&W Jasmine blouse. If you want to see the original post plus extra photos go right on ahead. Thanks, Colette, for liking my version enough to share it with your readers and if you’ve stopped by from the Coletterie, welcome! In other news – I finished painting my sewing room tonight! Now I have to…

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