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Lavender Grainline Archer

Lavender Archer

For this photoshoot, I went to the Hope Outdoor Gallery which is a fancy name for a city park where they let people graffiti over the concrete walls of this abandoned unfinished building.

It’s cool to see all the different art and writing but you never know what you’re going to find on the walls so apologies in advance if there turns out to be something offensive in these pics.

Getting that out of the way, let’s move on to the sewing!

Lavender Archer

It’s no secret that I love the Grainline Archer shirt. I’ve made variations of it four times. It has certainly earned its TNT status.

Lavender Archer

This time around, I made the version with the gathered back. The only change I made was to make the pockets a little smaller.

Lavender Archer

The fabric is a Kokka cotton shirting from The Cloth Pocket. The fabric is so smooth and fine, I plan on stocking up on lots of colors. It’s pretty wrinkly in these photos, though, because I had been wearing it all day.

I used some metal buttons from Joann Fabrics.

Lavender ArcherI only have one problem with this shirt: while making it I accidentally dropped a cupcake on the back hem of the shirt. The frosting made a splotchy stain that hasn’t come out even with a wash in the machine and soaking in hot water. It’s homemade frosting so I’m guessing it’s butter and sugar. It’s not too noticeable but I’m still annoyed by it.

Anyone got an idea to get the stain out??

Lavender Archer

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  • Maybe try washing with vinegar mixed with water? Or dish washing liquid just on the oily spot, it usually works on grease stains …
    Or baking soda paste on the stain …
    Hope one of these will work …

  • pretty coloured shirting and I like the buttons you picked. I’d try some dishwashing detergent/liquid on the frosting mark as they’re designed to shift grease (but I’d test anything on a scrap if you have any scraps left!)

  • Such a pretty color! I’ve recently fallen back in love with the ruffled Archer. Made one ages ago but hadn’t worn it much in the last year until lately. Love the graffiti wall backdrop!

  • The lavender is such a pretty color, and the wrinkles honestly just give the shirt that super-soft lived in look. Love it! I echo the recommendations for dishwashing detergent on the greasy spot (I’m partial to Dawn). Although clearly a hazard, I have to say that if I had the chance to indulge in cupcakes while sewing, I would take it!

  • Love the color, the BEST stuff I have found that takes stains out is this: Grandma’s Secret Spot Remover. It’s available and Walmart, JoAnns and Hancock’s although don’t know if they still have some since the stores are closing. It’s great stuff!

  • I love your new Archer. Such a pretty colour which really pops out against the awesome graffiti wall. Have you tried ironing the stain with brown paper on top?

  • Carbona makes an oil and grease remover and one for blood and dairy, if there is any possibility of cream in the frosting. They come in a funny yellow bottle and you can get it at grocery stores and Amazon. I use that followed up with Oxyclean gel stick.

  • awesome looking Archer. The lavender color is very nice on you, and the fabric looks great for TX heat and humidity. The gathered back gives a touch of something extra, not found in a usual button front.
    Grandma’s Secret Spot remover is wonderful, but the best thing I’ve ever used for greasy stains on cotton is Resolve Stain Stick. I like it better than the spray. Rub it on, and leave it for a few days before washing. It’s never failed me yet. I used to be able to get it at the grocery store, now I have to order it from Amazon. Depends on your grocery store.

  • very nice! i love the gathers in the back – really great make! I hope you get the stain out so you can fully enjoy it! 🙂

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