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Wide-Bicep Sleeve Adjustment Tutorial

In my Farrow Dress post I mentioned an adjustment I use to make a sleeve piece wider without altering the length of the sleeve cap seamline OR altering the bodice pieces. The normal sleeve adjustment tutorials I’ve seen widen the bicep area but also lengthen the sleeve cap seamline which means you either have to ease in the extra length into the armhole (which can be difficult) or adjust the bodice pieces one of two…

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Silk Sari Turned Robe + Tutorial

A couple years ago Miss Lulu nicely gifted me half a vintage silk sari. That was about 3+ yards! What to do with such a lovely lightweight, semi-sheer silk? Why not make a robe? This fabric was perfect for a robe as it’s so light that it easily catches the wind while you walk, making for a breezy, bohemian look. This robe is super easy because it has cut on sleeves, minimizing the amount of…

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Crinoline Petticoat Tutorial

Ooooh look, I made a petticoat! Ruffly petticoats aren’t something we see much of these days.  They’re usually only worn with special occasion dresses. Sometimes a pretty party dress will come with a layer of tulle attached to the skirt lining but not much else. I talked about the current popularity of the Fit and Flare dress in my last post, but those dresses don’t often get the kind of “flare” in the skirt like…

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Sewing Indie Month Tutorial over at Paprika Patterns

Wow, Sewing Indie Month is officially over. Yesterday was the last day of blog touring and tutorials but you still have a few more days to enter some of the fun contests and possibly win one of many great prize packs. My Onyx Shirt Hack Tutorial is up on Paprika Patterns for you to check out. It’s a double layered version of the shirt with a lace ruffle added at the hem. On that post I mostly talked about the tutorial…

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Small Bust Adjustment on a 2-Dart Bodice Tutorial

Hello everyone! In preparation for my new pattern I wanted to include notes on how to do a Full Bust Adjustment and a Small Bust Adjustment. I found a great FBA tutorial over on Curvy Sewing Collective but couldn’t find an independent tutorial I liked on SBAs for a 2-dart bodice. So I’m making my own! I’m using the bodice piece from my upcoming pattern (which is why it looks like a big triangle is cut out…

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