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Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway!!!


In honor of the release of my newest pattern (thanks to everyone who’s bought a copy already!) I’m doing a giveaway!

That’s right – one of you lucky readers can win a red crochet applique (check out my little tutorial for using them in your projects), two and a half yards of black ruffle elastic (perfect for using on undies made from scrap jersey), not one, not two, but three vintage patterns and a copy of my own Summer Concert Tee PDF pattern.

Vintage Patterns for Giveaway

The patterns are from the 50s, 60s and 70s. The first is a delightful kimono sleeve dress in bust size 32. Wouldn’t it be cute with a contrasting print on the shoulders? I really love this design but luckily I have another very similar design pattern that’s a few years older so I feel ok giving this one up. I’m also giving away a cute 60s shirt dress pattern. These styles would be great for summer. This one is bust size 36. The last is a fun dress and top set. These would make for cute and comfy beach cover ups! The 70s pattern says size small which means it should fit bust size 32 1/2-34. Sorry that the sizes are rather small. I think the largest bust size in my entire collection is a 37.

Ruffle ElasticRed Crochet Applique

I love the fluffy ruffle on this elastic and I can imagine so many tops and dresses you could add this applique to. Maybe a flutter sleeve blouse with a gathered front or a sleeveless tee?

I’ll snail mail all these goodies and email the winner the Summer Concert Tee pattern PDF.

I’ll announce the winner on Friday, May 11. You don’t have to be a follower to enter.

Just leave a comment here on the blog answering this question: When was your first attempt at sew clothing from a pattern and was it a success? For example – my first clothing pattern project was in high school. I tried making a dress but it was an utter failure – the fabric I picked was way too thick and I didn’t even bother taking measurements or reading the instructions! Yeah, it took me a couple more years before I did pattern sewing again.

Be sure to leave your email address in the comment if I can’t find it in your profile.

If you want a second entry you can go to my Facebook page and answer the question there, too!

Comments (55) for post “Giveaway Giveaway Giveaway!!!”

  • great giveaway! i think my first sewing project using a pattern was when i was in junior high. i used to make boxer shorts to sleep in and pj pants. there wasn’t a lot of complicated fitting so they generally came out ok, but i always hated how the elastic would twist after washing.

  • My first project was in 7th grade in home economics; I actually chose sewing for my elective, and made a fantastic reversible vest of rose colored corduroy on one side and calico on the other side. it came out beautifully (or at least I remember it did), especially since my mom, the professional seamstress, sewed the topstitching for me.

    I also sewed quite a bit in high school, and would sew simple taffeta sheath dresses in college because it was inexpensive and I didn’t know any better. Fast forward 25 years and I’m back into sewing again, but a bit more fearful. I miss the clueless sewing exuberance I had when I was younger. I’m really enjoying seeing vintage patterns, because some of them are ones I remember sewing! Too bad I don’t have any of the sewing stash anymore. Thanks for a great contest!

  • amazing give away! i would love to have these patterns to make some cute outfits this summer.

    the first time attempting to sew clothing from a pattern would be a year ago. i did not realized going to school for apparel merchandising included sewing. silly me i should of known. we were force to make a skirt and button up shirt. at the moment, i disliked it because of how long everything took but when i was finished i couldnt wait to make more clothes! i hope i hope i win, plus the patterns are in my size!


  • My fist attempt on a pattern was in 2007. I made a very simple summer top that my mother in law gave me (she also gave me my first sewing machine. She gave me a very easy pattern, that did not require any skills. So I’ve worn that top all summer! just loved it, and it gave me confidence to sew some more, never stopped since 🙂
    Simona of

  • This is one of the best giveaways I think I’ve ever seen! I think the first project I made with a pattern was a sheath dress for a Holly Golightly costume in high school. I had no idea how to fit anything, so it had a couple inches of extra ease in some places, and I didn’t line it or really follow any directions at all. I wore it though!

  • nice giveaway! love your tee and that applique! my first garment to sew was a simplicity dress and it ended up being a moo moo. i have never worn it and never will but I still have it, for some reason…

  • Well my first guided attempts with my mom teaching me were a success – total 90s: boxer shorts and a spaghetti strap slip dress in novelty quilting cotton! Later in college, though, when I attempted a faux wrap dress I failed and never tried again until this past year. So glad for all the information in books and on the Internet. Love the giveaway selection.

  • My first pattern attempt was on summer vacation from college. I was in a small town at the time and visited the local walmart and bought an awful dress pattern and some even more awful polyester black fabric. I didn’t get that pattern sizing wasn’t equal to ready-to-wear sizing. It was AWFUL! But it was my first step in teaching myself how to use patterns.

  • Hi Dixie! I made some pj pants back in 7 th grade in home ec class. They were a success but after high school I never sewed again. Thanks it stitch lab here in Austin, I began sewing again! I totally want that appliqué! It gorgeous.

  • Hi Dixie!
    Thanks for this giveaway – I really like it 🙂 I started to “watch” and read blogs about sewing maybe two weeks ago and I would like to make my own..
    Unfortunatelly, I haven’t tried to sew something from a pattern yet, because the patterns seems a little bit expensive to me and I haven’t bought any yet. I really like the vintage patterns, but people sell them for a lot of money (20$ and higher) and I can’t afford it. So I try to sew something according to some Youtube videos.

  • My first pattern was a basic new look a line skirt pattern I made it in a kingfisher blue cotton sateen, handsewed bluey green sequins on the hem and preceeded to wear it until it fell apart! I’ve recently started refashioning it as it had no fastenings and was too big but Its a bit faded in places. I totally loved it! Count me in for the giveaway email is

  • Last month, and it was a success! I’d sewn from patterns with my mom and aunt when I a kid, but there was a LOT of help, and I only ended up sewing straight seams. Then my mom bought me a sewing machine for Christmas in 2010 and I made a draft snake and altered a couple t-shirts and put it away. I started lurking on some sewing blogs, poked around BurdaStyle, and just didn’t do anything about it. Anyway, when Jenny Gordy released her PDF patterns I finally decided “enough!” and tried her Wiksten tank dress – in quilting cotton, but I still love it! I’d like to try your concert T but it might be a bit early for me to try sewing knits…

  • My very first attempt at sewing from a pattern was at school when I was 11.We had an awful teacher who had her favourite pupils,I was not one,and these favourite few were the ONLY ones allowed to use a sewing machine which was a bit prohibitive when it came to making a pattern up! This teacher would not let you start a pattern unless she approved of it first and as we had very little money to keep buying patterns it was a fraught time!Needless to say this odious woman put me off sewing for years and it was not until many years later that I started to sew again.Both myself and my sister still shudder at the thought of this awful teacher.

  • Amazing collection of giveaway treats! My first sewn clothing attempt was also a failure due to my fabric choice being too thick! It was a little 1960s skirt from a vintage pattern my nan gave me. As it was coming into winter and the pattern said wool would work in my fabric knowledge naivety I picked some mega thick felted wool stuff I’d had lying around. Big mistake! My machine struggled, I struggled and the lovely flare of the skirt just stuck out in a funny cone shape the fabric was so thick! I learnt QUICK that wool can sometimes be very fine and drapey too!

  • Hooray!

    My first time using a pattern was a very simple A-line dress that my mom helped me with. It turned out fine, except once it was made, I didn’t really like the fabric anymore. So it hardly got worn.

  • Oooh pick me! What a great giveaway! My first attempt sewing with a pattern was a Big 4 woven tank top pattern. I picked some slippery, sheer fabric that frayed really easily, and I think I gave up pretty quickly! I stuck to altering thrift store purchases without patterns for awhile until I worked up the guts to try it again!

  • My first attempt was in a sewing boot camp class. I made pajama pants. They are hideous and fit like JNCO jeans (remember those? I may have spelled it wrong). However since I have been wearing them shamelessly around the neighborhood when walking my assistant in the mornings, I would call them a success!

  • Awesome, my first one was when I was about 6 years old. I was making clothes for my dolls. I found the clothes recently and what I saw then as a perfection all I could see now was how awfully it was made :/

  • My first pattern sewing project was a pair of red plaid gym shorts made in “Family Studies” class in grade 8. They were great until I grew and could no longer fit into them. 🙂 My email is squirrelly56(at)hotmail(dot)com

  • Wow, thanks for the great giveaway! My first attempt was a Butterick A line skirt, Christmas of 2010, and I think it went pretty well… I did have copious amounts of help from my mum though, especially with attaching the waistband.

  • My first attempt at sewing from a pattern was a little girls dress for my daughter, which I continued to do for about a year before I was brave enough to try something for myself. Everything looks cute on little girls 🙂

  • My first attempt at sewing with a pattern was when I was in fashion design school, It was my very first sewing class and for our final we had to sew a little girls dress. It was a challenge!! matching the seams plessing them correctly,shirring, the puffed short sleeves, the collar… but in the end I finished it! it came out ok I got a B and it didnt look that

    My email

  • Thanks for the give away. My first attempt at trying to make clothes with a pattern was a top, shorts and a hat for my niece. Unfortunetly I choose stiff quilting fabric so it didnt look very good on her but the hat looked nice. Fortunetly this didnt discourage me and for the past 2yrs Ive been making all of her clothes. I have even started to try to make my own. My email

  • My first attempt was in the seventh grade. I was hoping to finish a night gown with my mom’s help. The help was minimal, so I’m sure I was making a bunch of mistakes. Well, it never got finished because my sewing machine “magically vanished” (mom…sigh).

  • This is an AMAZING giveaway! My fist attempt at sewing was quilt squares. It went okay–I got a little frustrated with corners not lining up quite right and kinda lost interest as a result. When I picked up sewing garments for real this year (making all of my own clothing), my first attempt was the Colette Sorbetto and it was an ABYSMAL failure! It took me FOREVER to fit the dang thing so I didn’t look like I was pregnant and/or wearing a potato sack and it STILL didn’t turn out correctly!

  • When I was 14/15 I made a simple dress (no zips, tie back waist) from one of the main pattern companies. It turned out well in dark blue with white polkadots- but the next time I sewed with the same pattern it was all wrong! I think I had grown a bit and also had not yet understood the importance of accurate cutting out. I had quite a few failures before I really began to understand the important bits.

  • That is a great question… I don’t really remember using too many patterns when learning to sew with my grandma. One time I can recall, I was about ten, and my grandma and me were sewing a western style shirt in american flag print and red. It was for my first year competing with horses. I was really proud of the shirt when we finished. But I would say she did most of the hard parts. I mostly helped pin. Since my grandma couldm’t help me sew anymore, when I starting sewing again almost 8 years later. Pattern sewing was a disaster because I didn’t get the importance of cutting on the correct grain line and if I didn’t know how to do something I would skip it… Awesome give away! I love vintage patterns and have a little stash myself.

  • Oooh, what a fab giveaway, count me in! My first attempt was with my lovely mother helping me all the way. We chose a sweet summer halter pattern, and not only did she lend me some fab strawberry print cotton from her stash to make my muslin, she also let me use leftover fabric from her bridesmaids’ gowns from her wedding! With her help I ended up with TWO awesome halters, and of course, a newfound obsession with sewing clothes.

  • I have been sewing for so long that I can’t even remember my first pattern! I do remember using a pattern in my early high school years which was a sundress. I used a gingham fabric and it turned out fantastically. I had that dress up until a few years ago when I traded it away at a clothing swap (it hadn’t fit me for at least a decade).

    Great giveaway!

  • Hi Dixie!

    Greeting from all the way form Finland! I’ve been following your blog for a while now and LOVE what you do!

    My first attempt at sewing from a pattern was for a dress for my 10th birthday party. Needless to say I needed quite a lot of help from my mom, but she was patient. 🙂 It turned out great and I wore it the whole summer. In hindsight thouhg, the fabric was dead ugly! 😀 But it did spark my love for sewing and crafts, so I must’ve liked it back then.


  • My first attempt was a full on gown… I must have been 19 in my first Christmas back from uni and I begged my mum to let me at the pattern she made the dress for the evening of her wedding from. which I incidentally have the dress hung up in my wardrobe but neither me nor sis actually fit it.
    And yes it was a resounding success, its a shame that the patterns I tried after that weren’t such a success…

  • I think my first attempt ever was when I was about nine…I grew up sewing with my grandmother and she decided to teach me pattern literacy in fourth grade or so. It was pajama pants, it totally succeeded, I made like seven pairs in three weeks, not to mention more periodically through my youth. I am still finding them in the woodwork any time I go through old stuff or look in my parents’ attic or similar…

  • Sweet giveaway Dixie, thanks! I think my first attempt with a pattern was my Halloween costume in 8th grade. I was Jasmine from Aladdin with the full harem pants and cropped top. Headpiece even. Oh, the shame! Mom helped though- so it came out okay. If you ignore the fact that I was a teenager dressing like a Disney princess, that is.

  • My first attempt was a pretty complicated sundress-it had lots of gathers, a fitted bodice, and when I finally thought about installing a zipper, I gave up. It’s still in my pile of unfinished projects, but I fully intend on finishing it (someday…)

  • I made my first attempt at sewing in January 2011 with the new sewing machine I got for Christmas. I made a mock-wrap skirt in grey polyester/rayon. One of the back darts had a terrible bubble, the zipper was really wonky, and the top-stitching was messy. I considered it a big success then, and although I now see how imperfect it was, I still value it as my first real attempt at sewing. It got me starting on sewing and I am still proud of it!

    Thank you for hosting this giveaway. I love the vintage patterns you are offering, especially the kimono sleeve dress. 🙂
    email: suzy alise [at] google mail [dot] com

  • My very first try was in 7th grade when attempting to make a bag from a magazine pattern for a friends birthday. I had never sewed anything before and just borrowed the machine of a friend of my mum’s. My mum only distantly remembered sewing from school and so offered little help. I did however finish most of the bag with great success untill the machine broke…not my doing it was just very old.

  • Hi Dixie, what a great question and giveaway. The first outfit I can remember making with a pattern is a seersucker striped dress. It was a great success and fit well, but didn’t get much wear because I looked like a candystriper (hospital volunteer). I think I was in grade 7.

  • Thanks for this giveaway! I really want to win that great crochet piece! I’m already dreaming of a dress to use it in. My first attempt at sewing from a pattern was a really simple Butterick dress that used jersey. As someone who is sort of afraid to sew with jersey now, I’m suprised at how brave I was back then! (maybe it was less about being brave and more about not knowing better!) The dress is pretty well made and I still wear it!

  • My first sewing of clothes was when I was 14. I made a pair of cotton shorts to wear at a week long girl’s camp. Though they ended up being a success, the only thing I really remember about them was that actually sewed the entire crotch seam together thinking it was the side seam and I had to pick the entire thing out. Other than that I have just done Halloween costumes and baby clothes, which are very forgiving, until now. I am currently working on my very first dress for myself 🙂 Fingers crossed!

  • Excited about the giveaway!
    My first sewing project was back in middle school. (that was when home-economics was still around.) Our project was to sew our own pillows and at the time I was so into zebra stripes. I found this gorgeous felt-like fabric and got some ruffle trim and was so excited. The night after I bought the fabric and began my project our dog got skunked. She ran into the house after getting skunked and the first thing she went for was my zebra striped, half-way completed, pillow. She rubbed herself all over it and I couldn’t get the smell out of the pillow for anything. I took it to school in a trash bag and everyone about threw up when I pulled it out, but I made an A!
    Currently I’m a new mom that has about a billion ideas of clothes to make for myself and my son. Excited to see who wins!


  • My first garment sewing project was a skirt when I was in college. My mom helped me out…I still keep the skirt. It turned out ok although I didn’t really like the waistband…but my mom didn’t know how I could do it differently.

  • Oooh! Sign me up! Thanks for doing a giveaway – I would love to make a knit dress with that lace bib. Suuuper cute!

    I’ve been sewing off and on forever and my first projects were complete diasters. I would use quilting cotton and I had no idea how to install zippers or finish things nicely. It’s just recently that I feel like I can even call myself a seamstress. I even gave my SIL this horrible, ill-fitting juniors pattern sundress and thought it was amazing. ::sigh::

  • My first garment from a sewing pattern was a camisole top from one of my mum’s Prima magazines (this UK magazine used to have a free sewing pattern inside). I was probably about 15. I made it out of some cheap green cotton from my mother’s stash. It turned out misshapen, much too large and the facing kept flipping to the wrong side because I didn’t understitch but I remember wearing it a lot regardless!


  • What a generous giveaway, thanks for running it!
    My first pattern project was in secondary school when I was about 12. A page boy cap, which I chose to bring to life in black crush velvet (it was the 90s). The whole thing taught me 2 invaluable lessons: interfacing can really suck and I have a big old head.

  • My first sewing project was a dress for my doll. I was probably 8 then, and wanted to make something that wasn’t a skirt. I couldn’t draft – didn’t know such things existed – so I winged it. Literally. Was it a success, yeah, if I removed my doll’s head to put it on.

    But my first official sewing with a sewing machine was when I was 14. It was a bag project for home ed. It was difficult and too many steps to follow and remember. It turned out pretty well that my aunt took that bag. I didn’t mind it since I also found out I didn’t really liked yellow much.

  • My first attempt at clothing from a pattern was just a couple of months ago.. it was a dress for my daughter. I wouldn’t quite call it a fail and I wouldn’t quite call it a success either. I would call it a very good first try!

  • I learnt to sew in High school, The first year we made an apron but without a pattern and the second year we made a night dress from a pattern, it was basically a sleeveless muumuu with a simple front yoke and gathers, I made mine too small but I learnt to use a pattern and do basic patten transfer like tailors tucks and bias binding.

  • I started to sew one and a half year ago. I remember that my first clothing was a skirt from Burda Easy. I forgot about sewing allowance, so it turned out to be too small for anyone I know. I have it still somewhere in one of my boxes with fabrics.
    The second one was better and I wear it from time to time till now.


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