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A Tough Decision


I’ve made a tough decision. I’m donating some of my old handmade clothes to charity.

This is a big deal for me because it is so difficult to say goodbye to all my hard work. These (very stuffed) bags represent hundreds of hours of work and a lot of money and that makes things a more personal than just store bought clothes.

Also, I wonder would anyone want my old stuff? It’s not like they’re pretty on the inside and there are no size tags but I can’t let that unpolished feeling keep these clothes cluttering up my closet.

The clothes I’m giving away are all either really old, don’t fit or aren’t my style. Basically, if I haven’t worn it more than a couple times then it’s out. I want my closet and drawers to represent my personal style rather than my handmade disappointments. And most of these garments have been documented on the blog so it’s not like I’m completely forgetting about them.

I’ve never donated my clothes before so I’m feeling a little emotional about it but I’m sure I won’t miss these individual pieces. Have you ever given away your hand sewn clothes? Why? How did you feel about it?

Maybe the worst part is that even though I’m giving away so many clothes, I’m still short on closet hangers!

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  • I haven’t given away my handmade clothes yet but there are a few that I’m going to try and refashion using the fabric! There are also a few candidates that I might giveaway as I wasn’t a big fan of the fabric or colour, etc. I know it must be hard though!! But I think you are exactly spot on that it’s great to get a closet to a place where everything fits your personal style! I’m working on that too!

  • That’s great! I bet people will appreciate these finds. I know I do. I’ve found some custom tailored suits that I swear were made for me. It’s so cool to find handmade at thrift stores. I understand that feeling of wanting to keep them though. It’s tough to let go when there are so many memories.

  • I may be the oddball but I have no problem giving clothes away, even handmade things. I think it’s because of how I grew up. My mom was always having us clean out closets and simplify, donating things to goodwill. I do like having a record of things I’ve made on the blog, though. But if I’m not going to wear it- out it goes.

  • Giving away things you’ve made is a really tough decision to make but sometimes its right. I’ve got a bag of poorly knitted accessories that I’ve been willing myself to pass on but haven’t yet. Kudos to you for doing such!

  • I found it difficult to give away clothes I’d made, but once I’d done it I felt a lot better about it. If we chose to make something, it must have had some appeal to us so there’s likely someone else out there it will appeal to as well. I hope so anyway!

  • Good for you! I love love love this “I want my closet and drawers to represent my personal style rather than my handmade disappointments.” Many of my unworn FOs will soon be stuffed into “snakes” for my drafty windows because I don’t think they’re good enough for even charity. Much of it had to do with really poor fabric choice — I didn’t know any better but I learned to sew with those projects (so it wasn’t all for naught). Of course, for decent fabric I try and salvage and remake it into something better.

  • I’m like Liza Jane. I have no problem giving away my handmade things. If you think about it like this: you are helping out a person who may need a little more than you do right now, it might help take some of the sting from the feeling. Just know that when people find handmade items in shops they appreciate much much more than RTW. I know I do. It’s almost like gift-giving.

  • Thanks for the positive feedback everyone! And I’m glad I’m not the only one who’s thought about the subject.

    I had a slightly scary thought – the Goodwill I took the clothes to is right down the street form my house and often I stop by to take a look around. What if I find my clothes hanging in the aisles and I suddenly have regrets and want them back, eek! It’s like I can’t go into the clothing section of that store anymore! It’s like not being able to go to your favorite bar for fear of bumping into an old boyfriend.

  • Well done for taking the plunge on this one! The vast bulk of my clothes aren’t actually self made, so when it comes to the charity shop clear out, it’s inevitably difficult for me to get rid of items I’ve made myself, even if I don’t wear them at all!

    As for bumping into your own clothes – I did that the other day!! I attended a clothes swap run by a local charity boutique and when I popped into the shop a week later, I was greeted by one of the tops I’d dropped off there! Was very very weird!

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