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Prepping for Me-Made-June

Recently I found myself faced with a dilemma – I lacked a sufficient number of hangers in my closet. To compensate I moved some items to drawers, packed away unseasonable pieces of clothing or clothes which I only ever wear once every three years (ski pants? in Texas? really??) but I’m still short on hangers.

Closet of handmade

But the main point is not how many hangers I have (be them plastic, wire or wood) but why do I not have enough.

The answer is my wardrobe has exploded with handmade clothes. This use to not be a problem because the majority of clothes that I made were just plain awful that I’d never wear them in the daylight but that has since changed and now I need a place to put all of these clothes.

So having a lack of hangers can actually be a good thing? And now that I feel I have enough hand made garments to be proud of I’m going one step further and participating in Me-Made-June. Yes, I know it is still May but I’m hoping to add a few versatile basics to my wardrobe to make my goal of wearing at least one re-styled or totally handmade garment per day for the month of June.

Who knows if all of this will get done but I’m hoping to make –
– A good solid colored t-shirt or two
– A denim pencil skirt that is long enough for work
– Pants, specifically some wide leg, high waist, 70s style pants
– Flowy blouse of some kind
– Shorts – because it is hot in Texas!

Does anyone else plan on participating? I know of some people who have done Me-Made-March and Self-Stitched-September. If you have done it before do you have any advice? Should I plan out all my outfits in advance? I’ve never done a challenge like this before.

In other news – I’m working diligently on my chevron dress pattern. Only two more pattern pieces to go, then on to sizing, instructions, illustrations, and all the little extras. I still have a lot of work ahead of me.

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  • I did Me Made March. It was really useful information– looking at a photo of yourself everyday (sometimes shocking!). It was also nice to evaluate my handmade wardrobe- what works, what doesn’t, what I need more of. I haven’t decided if I’m going to participate in June again. I just have to see how much I have going on. Good luck!

  • i’ve done self-stitched september and me-made march with less than half of what you have! (course i only had to wear 1 handmade item per day or a vintage one)…. i don’t plan my outfits, but i do move my handmade items together in the closet so it’s easier to see what i should choose from. it’s a fun month, i always come away having sewn something last minute, figuring out better ways to pose and in general having a blast!

  • lizajane – yeah, I’m hoping it will help me evaluate my wardrobe better. Taking daily pictures will be hard. I usually have to take 20 pictures just to get one I like of myself and to do that set up everyday is going to take a lot of time, ha!

    quietandsmall – putting all my handmade clothes together is a good idea. I’m a visual person and if I can’t easily see what I have I forget about it altogether. thanks for the tip!

  • I did Me-Made May last year. Like quiet & small, I put all my handmade clothes together in one spot, which made the what-am-I-in-the-mood-for-today dressing fairly easy. For me, one of the best parts of the challenge was learning what gaps existed in my homemade wardrobe, and afterwards working on filling those gaps. It’s a process 🙂 Good luck!

  • I’m in for the first time as well. I’ve pledged for (at least)one handmade garment a day. It’ll be interesting to see how my handmade warderobe will hold up and taking photos each day of my outfits.

    An on another note, I was just thinking of making a denim pencil skirt, for fall/winter though. I was wondering if it was a good idea. Even while still pondering the idea, it’s good to see that someone else has that same idea.

  • amy – thanks! I’m hoping it’ll be a good learning experience.

    helena – I have a denim pencil skirt right now that I like but it’s getting too big for me. since it used to be such a big staple in my wardrobe, why not make a new one? I just need to find a good pattern!

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