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Muslin 2.0

Muslin 2.0

Here is version 2.0 of the top half of my dress I’m working on. I only made the top for now because I knew the skirt portion would be easy.

I scrambled together four different types of fabric to make this although you can only see two in the photos – the pink and the white. My stitching on this is pretty atrocious as well but it’s just a muslin so no big deal.

Muslin 2.0

Things I want to change:

  • I like the shape of the neckline but I want to raise it up so it isn’t as wide and it can show off the top fold.
  • I haven’t added the sleeve cuffs yet but I can tell I want to shorten the sleeves slightly and also I’ll need to open the sleeves up more at the side seam.
  • And the pink fabric is some kind of linen blend and is way too thick for this application. I’ll make a note of that for when I make the final version.
  • I want to lower the back yoke more (oops, forgot to take a picture of the back)
  • In general I need to adjust the collar pieces.

It is always the details, isn’t it, that cause all the problems? I need to find more fabric to make muslin 3.0 because I have no more big enough chunks for the skirt and front pieces.

Cute as a button

Other things I did today – I went to Shop Crafty, a craft show event here in Austin. I stopped by the Stitch Lab station and made a felt patch.

J&D stitching

Here’s Justin helping me cut. He’s a good sport.

I’m going to try my best to do more work on muslin 3.0 tomorrow. I hope I can keep up my motivation!

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