Burdastyle Book Blouse #2


The Goal: I loved my first burda blouse (peplums! yay!) so much so I wanted another.

The Pattern: The blouse pattern from the Burdastyle Sewing Handbook. I made a straight size 38 with a couple design modifications.


The Fabric: The outer layer is a cool, sheer Swiss dot that I bought locally at Fabricker (check ’em out, they have a new online store!). The under layer is just some plain white batiste. The trim is just some poly mini pom pom trim from Hobby Lobby.


I don’t often use trim when I sew so this was kind of a treat for me. I’d love to start incorporating more trims and embellishments into my projects.

The Changes: A bunch – I thought the sleeve cap height was too pointy and made a tall gathered poof rather than a nice, spread out gathered sleeve cap. I took a non-gathered sleeve pattern piece from another pattern and used it as a guide to adjust the original sleeve cap.


I shortened the cuffs. I made the neckline slightly larger and didn’t make the front neckline slit. It barely fits over my head. I finished the neckline with a bias tape facing.


Oh, and I accidentally sewed the opening for the drawstring off center… but I guess it looks ok so I’m not complaining.


The Results: This shirt totally fits in with my resolution to make more solid color tops to mix and match with bottoms. Sure, it has dots but overall it’s all white. And it has sort-of-long-sleeves which is also another one of my wardrobe needs. I’d say this one is a success. And I love this design so much I plan on making a black version with some crochet trim.

  • I got the Burdastyle book for my birthday. I’ve never sewn any clothes before. I hope my first attempt will be as nice as this top 🙂

    • Thanks! I like this top pattern because you only really need to get the bust measurement right. The waist is adjustable and the hips are full. Just be sure to read and re-read all the instructions, there’s a few typos here and there.

    • Oh gosh, now I’m worried 🙂 I think I’ll try a few super simple patterns first to get more confident.

  • Hobby Lobby? What a cool name for a shop! Distractions aside, I’m loving this – esp the trim. I saw some texturally dotted voile the other day and fell in love (but I’m on a fabric buying diet – it hurts sometimes) so I’m so glad you’ve had the chance to use something like this!! Love it 🙂 Great pics too!

    • Thanks!! Yeah, Hobby Lobby is a craft store chain in a few southern states. I used to work at one, actually.

  • Love the itty bitty pompoms! This is cute and rather summery/autumnal. Peplum for the win!

  • such a cute make, I didn’t even notice the opening was off centre until you pointed it out.

    • Haha, yeah, that was an interesting revelation when I first put it on. Big oops, but it’s ok in the end.
      Thanks Sarah

  • I am so tempted to get the burdastyle book!! Love the pom poms and I think it looks GRRREAT with dark jeans!

  • Its so pretty! I love Swiss dot fabric – it always seems very Edwardian romantic to me!

  • I love those tiny pompoms too! I never use trims, but everytime I go to one of the trim stores in NYC’s Garment District it kind of boggles my mind how many amazing options there are. I should join you in pledging to incorporate more trimmings…

    • Yes! I really should use more trims somehow. Or at least putting some piping in seams or something, ya know?

  • So pretty! I love the combination of the swiss dot and the pom pom trim.

  • so pretty! I got that book for my birthday last year (and having just discovered pregnancy I didn’t make anything) and now I want to try but it scares me

    • Thanks jen! Start with the skirt first, it’s the easiest project with the fewest pieces. You can decide if you like the instructions and style of the book. 😉 Congrats on the pregnancy!

  • This is the prettiest. Normally I steer clear of those decorative trims because I think they read too cutesy craftsy mumsy, but I love the one you chose! Adds an element of sweetness that isn’t TOO sweet if you know what I mean.

  • This is so, so cute! I love it! Way to make a non-boring basic!

  • Totally agree with you, Dixie! This is beautiful! Can’t wait to see your attempt in black!