And I’m Back! With a BurdaStyle Blouse


Yes, I have returned! With a new computer! That I got, like, today.

First of all, I was thisclose to finishing my new pattern when my old laptop gave out and I have yet to install Adobe Illustrator on this computer to finish it. Luckily I saved the pattern file on an SD card so I can work on it without having to recover my old harddrive.

So that means it’ll be a little while before that pattern is released but it is coming, I promise! Thanks for sticking with me!!


Until then I have lots of sewing projects to show you. I’m surprised how much I got done without being connected to the internet.

The Goal: The most recent book we picked for our Bibliostyles meeting (my sewing book club) was the BurdaStyle Handbook, and me being the procrastinator that I am, I needed to whip up something quick for the meeting.


The Pattern: After seeing awesome versions of the blouse from A Good Wardrobe I was smitten with the design. I did the original variation from the book and cut a straight size 38 that fits well.

The Fabric: Oooh, this is probably what I’m most proud of… it’s silk charmeuse (charmeuse, people!!) that I starched the heck out of to stiffen it which really helped with sewing and cutting. Plus, the starch just washes out when you’re done!


I found this fabric in the jobber section of a Hancock Fabrics store. Every once in awhile you find a gem. I like to call it an Asian Toile. It’s got motifs of hunters, camels, deer and palm trees – kind of like a hunting scene on a traditional French toile pattern.

And I found it used in the envelope sample for this Simplicity pattern. I wish I could find more of it because it’s really cool.


The Changes: I didn’t change anything with the fit but I did leave out the side zipper, elastic in the waist and I made my own waist tie by making bias tape rather than using the pattern piece (yes, I made bias tape from charmeuse. I’m so proud of myself!)

The Results: I love this top! I feel like I can dress it up or down and it fits well. What more could I ask?

Oh, and I couldn’t resist doing a little cataloging just for fun. This is from Vogue‘s new “hunching over in an office window” collection.


I’ll be back soon with more!!

  • I love that print too! It looks amazing! Also, I’m in the computer problem boat too! I am probably going to have to get a new one myself. 🙁

    • thank you! ugh, I hate spending large amounts of cash at one time but sometimes you just need it. 🙁

  • Your top is beautiful and i love the fabric – so fun! Now you just need to photoshop a skyline behind your cataloging pose, and you’ll be spot on. he he. Can’t wait to see your new pattern =)

    • haha, i didn’t think of that, but i probably could have found a skyline pic and stuck it behind me. 😉

      thanks a bunch!

  • I love it when you can get away sans zipper. Well played! Nice work on the bias tape using charmeuse. That needs to be added to your CV under rad skills!

    • i kind of hate zippers in tops. they always seem so unnecessary. and i think people should submit life cv’s in addition to work cv’s for job interviews. you never know when charmeuse skills will come in handy. 😉

  • Meg

    adorable! and welcome back 🙂

  • How have I missed this blouse pattern? I know I’ve looked at the BurdaStyle handbook… maybe it just took your version to make me do a double take. I love it! That fabric is rad.

    • thanks! it usually takes other people’s finished versions to get me to notice a pattern, too. i liked the pics in the book but i *really* liked ones made by other sewists!

  • Kim

    It looks great! I love the fabric.

  • Adorbs!

  • Haha! You nailed that pose!
    Welcome back! I love your top – that fabric is amazing! And bravo on your mad charmeuse skills. It looks perfectly constructed.

    Looking forward to seeing your next pattern!

    • aww, thanks, lady! 🙂 and I can’t wait to finally share the pattern!

  • Looks like your computer has a lot of bells and whistles. Lovely fabric selection.

  • Very cool fabric! I’ve never seen anything that awesome at Hancock! Guess I’ll have to look harder. I just saw that you are offering your patterns on PR… that’s very cool, too!

    • we have two hancocks in my town and one has a better sale section BY FAR. i don’t even bother going to the other one if I’m looking for a good deal.

      yeah, the PR thing just started, I’m excited!!


  • Anonymous

    Great job with that gorgeous silk find. Welcome back to virtual reality!

  • Welcome back! Beautiful blouse. I love the fabric. I love when I find a gem in a fabric shop when I’ve almost given up!

    • thanks nothy! i’m glad others are liking the fabric as much as me. 🙂

  • LOVE this! And I HAVE this fabric, in brown! Got it at Jomar. Awesome.

    • omg! for real?? have you made anything with it? if you have I don’t know how I missed it.


    • I haven’t, I don’t know what to do with it!

  • Welcome Back! Nice top and lovely fabric choice! Can’t wait to see all the goodies you have to show us!!

  • Loooove this shirt and you know I’m crazy about that fabric! 🙂

  • I love it! Great job with the fabric… Charmeuse is tricky business. Can’t wait for your pattern 🙂 and welcome back!

  • How wonderful that you got your computer back! I’m even more glad that it’s a Mac! Yay for Mac users! The blouse is divine! Charmuese can be tricky!

    • Thanks Maddie, I missed having a mac. I’m glad to be back in the mac world. 😉

  • Ha! You got that pose spot on!! Too funny! I love this fabric!! It works really well with this pattern – a beautiful make as always!

  • Well done!
    Where did you pick up the tip about starching the charmuse? I love the look and feel of charmuse but sewing with the stuff is “challenging.” Anymore tips on sewing with charmuse? Also, which hancocks is the better one? I visit my aunt in Austin regularly and we always go fabric shopping.

    • Just word of mouth. I’ve also heard that people will just dip the whole fabric in a bucket of starch solution and then iron it but that just seems messy. Stay stitching and basting helps and I’ve layered the fabric between paper when cutting to keep it from shifting. That works well but nothing I’ve ever tried worked as well as starch.

      The better hancocks is the one up north by lakeline mall.

  • Your blouse is so inspiring. I have been eying the pattern for ages and I am thinking of trying it soon. I was wondering whether the pattern has a lot of ease in it. It’s just that I am in between sizes and with the big four I usually cut the smaller size since there is considerable ease in the pattern, but I am not sure about burda style handbook.

  • I’ve got this pattern in my sewing queue. Both of your versions are very cute. And I am laughing at your Vogue window hunching pose. I don’t know who photographed this pattern collection, but he has clearly never been to an office.