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Movin’ on up…

Hello readers! As you can see I’m currently moving my blog over from Blogspot to WordPress. It’s a mess right now but in the meantime you can still access the old blog over at Thanks! -Dixie

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Quick note

Hey all, just a quick note about what’s going on over on the blog. I’m having major computer issues lately. So much so that I need a replacement (which I’ve ordered and should soon be shipped). In the mean time – sketchy computer that doesn’t want to turn on means no picture editing, no posting, and worse, no pattern launching. So I’m not MIA but my computer is and iPhone blogging isn’t what it could…

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Over my head

Have you ever had a sewing project where you were way in over your head? I’m in the middle of that right now. To backtrack – I decided to make this year a Handmade Christmas where I make all my presents (or most of them…). That began with this quilt. A monster quilt – in that it features 9 fuzzy monsters and that it is taking up a ridiculous amount of my time. I’ve got…

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Learn how to alter one of my patterns

Sarah from Emmyloubeedoo wrote a guest post on A Couple of Craft Addicts showing how to alter my free Loose Fit Top pattern (with lots of pictures!). She made a longer, hankercheif hem and slighty longer sleeves – a perfect way to transition the pattern from summer to early fall. Thanks Sarah! Go see how to make your own version! ***PS: I’m back from Boston and I’m sewing up a storm. Being away from my…

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Pink Flounce Top – Simplicity 2554

This is another version of my “what was I thinking” face. If I was Jack Donaghy and this shirt was Liz Lemon I’d have to say “Good God, Lemon!” (I’ve been watching a lot of 30 Rock lately). Excuse me if this is a more philosophical post rather than technical sewing post. This top is not working. Sure, it’s not terrible and it is certainly comfortable. There’s nothing wrong with it per-se but I’m just…

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Cynthia Rowley Botched Striped Dress(Simplicity 2250)

Have you ever been halfway through a project when you suddenly realized that it is going to be a disaster? At that point you must decide whether or not to continue and hopefully learn something from the mishap or give up on it completely and move on. In addition you are reminded why you really should have made a muslin. For this dress I had that exact experience and I decided to trudge through it….

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Dixie DIY Chirstmas: Fabric Scrap Wreath

Supplies: floral wreath, ribbon, fabric scraps Cost: $1.99 for the wreath, scraps and ribbon were leftovers Time: about an hour depending on how fast you can cut Difficulty: Easy Casualties: None! I had so many pieces of fabric leftover from other projects from previous Christmases and I can never get rid of extra fabric. This is a great way to use up scraps. I cut strips of fabric about 2 in by 8 in. Yours…

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