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DIY Dyed and Skinnified Jeans

I’m really excited about this DIY. I’ve been in the mood to sew some new jeans but since I have so many other projects going on right now, sewing a whole pair of jeans and doing fitting and all that will have to wait.   Instead I went to the thrift store (which is a big deal for me since I rarely shop there, it’s too overwhelming) and bought a pair of white jeans (for…

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Shorts and Shirts Summer Wardrobe: Orange Shorts

Ok, readers, I know I owe you one more One Week, One Pattern shirt but my weekend has been busy and I haven’t taken photos yet, but I did wear it. These photos on the other hand were taken a couple weeks ago so I’m going to show you my shorts instead. The Goal: As you read in my Shorts and Shirts Summer Wardrobe planning post – one of my items to make were a…

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Megan Nielsen Darling Ranges Dress #1, or, the kite day fiasco

Let me just first start out saying that although I have gone to Austin’s annual Kite Festival (held last Sunday) for the past four years I had never once brought a kite! This year I chose to build my own using the pattern and instructions in Fabric by Fabric: One Yard Wonders. It was a big fat fail but that deserves it’s own post. What wasn’t a fail was this dress! (BTW, sorry for the…

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Learning a New Skill, or, an iDye Review

I’ve been sewing for well over 8 years now but can you believe that I’ve never dyed fabric before? Well, it’s true. And I feel like it is something I should have done by now. How hard could it be? Plus I’m sure it’s fun. AND I found this cool video on using turmeric (yes, the spice) to dye fabric! I’m not sure I’m at the point to try that but it is pretty cool…

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