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Tag: closet catalogue

Dixie DIY’s Year in Review 2012

I love the new year! New start, new goals, new memories but first I want to review everything that I did sewing-wise in the last twelve months. 2012 Was a pretty big year for me, I dyed my hair purple, sewed a bunch of swimsuits for my summer vacation, I released 3 new patterns (one of which was free), and made about 50 garments and accessories. Not too bad! Let’s break it down now –…

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Closet Catalogue Pt 2

Yesterday I posted the results of my Closet Catalogue where I counted and categorized every piece of wearable clothing I own (with a few exceptions) with the hopes of learning about my style, my needs, and what I should sew next. It’s really eye opening! Here’s what I learned:  I definitely have a few items that I wear more often than others like my one pair of Gap skinny jeans and this loose fit printed…

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Closet Catalogue – Sewing Resolutions

As I mentioned in my sewing resolutions post for 2012 one challenge (and possibly the most important) was to catalogue my entire wardrobe. This serves a few purposes – one to get a good grasp on the clothes I have, figure out what I wear often and what I never wear, questions why some clothes don’t get worn, and discover gaps in my wardrobe and fill them with handmade clothes! This may not be compelling…

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