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Closet Case Kelly Anorak 2.0

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I love when a project turns out better than you anticipated. I love my new coat! I began this version soon after I completed my first anorak in October.

I liked that jacket so I knew I wanted to make it again but with changes.

The pattern is Closet Case’s Kelly Anorak and this time I bought the lining expansion pack. Closet Case Kelly Anorak

The main fabric is a ripstop cotton – the same as my last anorak but in red. The lining is a cotton flannel. It’s a subtle herringbone pattern which I thought was a fancier alternative to the traditional black and red plaid flannel you often find. The sleeves are lined in Bemberg rayon from Joann Fabrics. Hardware is from Gold Star Tool.

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

Besides the full lining, the major difference between the initial release and the expansion are the wider sleeves without the cuffs (which worked well for me because I had to alter the original pattern’s sleeves to give my arms more wiggle room). With the new sleeves, I didn’t need to make any changes. They were big enough – even with an interlining!

Closet Case Kelly AnorakI make a couple extra changes to the pattern. I lined the pockets with the same flannel as the rest of the coat. Toasty hands for the win!

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I lined the hood with shearling fabric same as I did on my last anorak. I altered my hood lining pieces, though, to accommodate the snaps.
Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I included an interior pocket in the lining on my left side. After wearing my first anorak I recognized the need for a safe pocket to hold my phone. At first, I thought I’d add exterior chest pockets but after sewing the front yoke together I decided I didn’t want to bother drafting some kind of in-seam pocket and extra flaps.

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

This pocket is the perfect size for my phone and it sits slightly lower than my bust so it doesn’t make an oddly visible bulge on the outside if my phone is in there.

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I used the flannel as an interlining for the sleeves and lined the sleeve itself with a smooth Bemberg rayon to make it easier to slip the coat on and off.

And I sewed a little loop in the neckline to hang it. I didn’t bother adding that in my first version. Very glad I took the time to do it with this one.

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I had a much better experience with the snaps this time. I splurged and bought 100 snaps plus the correct tool which made it SO MUCH EASIER. Also, because these are proper spring snaps, not ring snaps, the jacket doesn’t jingle like my last version. The snaps are a shiny gunmetal color. I couldn’t find a matching zipper tone so I just went with the plain aluminum metal.Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I think the lining really helped give this cotton ripstop some heft. I think the whole thing lays smoother on my body than the last jacket.Closet Case Kelly Anorak

Looking at the back view I wonder if I could have used a narrow back adjustment? Oh, well, better too big than too small when it comes to a coat. I doubt I’d make this pattern again unless this one wears out first.

Closet Case Kelly Anorak

When I began cutting this pattern out I intended to have an interior waist drawstring like I did on my first anorak. But with the thick flannel, I imagined squeezing in all that fabric would make it look bulky. So far I’m enjoying it as is, sans drawstring.
Closet Case Kelly Anorak

I finished this coat at the end of January – just in time for it to start getting hot again here in Texas! I’ll try to get as much wear out of it before the end of the season. This is definitely my favorite coat I’ve ever sewn!

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  • Gorgeous, gorgeous! I see lots of amazing garments on blogs and IG all the time, but rarely one where I want to make that exact version. Yours is perfect! The colour, the fit… really – great job!! Very inspiring.

  • Beautiful! I love your coat and you’ve really whetted my appetite to make one – all those fiddly bits finally coming together in a coat you love and will wear to threads. I’ve got one of these in my future I’m sure of it 🙂

  • This turned out so fantastic! This is my favorite type of coat for Texas temperatures. I actually have some red waterproof fabric ordered for a Kelly raincoat, and now I’m wondering if I should add some flannel and shearling! This is just perfection.

  • This looks absolutely fab! Such amazing attention to detail and I love the fleece-lined hood. Genius. The red is such a good colour on you too. I’m sure you will get lots of wear out of this coat.

  • This is such a nice jacket! every time I see this pattern sewn up it makes me want to make one but it’s been insanely hot here so I’ve not taken the plunge yet. I need to check out your first one, I find it frustrating that the lining is an additional pattern? Yours looks so comfortable and amazing tho 😍😍 great job!

  • Beautiful Kelly anorak!! I loved your last shearling version too – any tips on how to alter the hood pieces? This is something I’d love to try someday.

    • Thanks! The lining expansion has good lining pieces. My problem was I couldn’t do the snaps on the fluffy shearling. I ended up splitting the front hood lining pieces so that the chin-tab area was in red cotton. If you do that just make sure that new tab section is wide enough to accommodate the snap placement.

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