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Dixie DIY Flickr Group

I have one more swim suit to share but my computer has been acting funny lately so finishing posts has been tricky. I may have to buy a new computer in addition to a new camera. 🙁

Oh well, in the mean time I have set up a new Flickr Group for Dixie DIY where you can share clothes you’ve made from my patterns or tutorials (feel free to link to your own blogs, too) and show off what you’ll make for the upcoming swim suit sew-along and, no, I don’t expect you to pose in your suits. Dress form or hanger shots are totally fine. 😉

So go join and share so I don’t feel bad that I’m the only one in the group. 🙂

And I wanted to take some time and say thank to you all for reading! I’m finally catching up on my blog reader from being away for so long and seeing all these awesome bloggers and projects makes me so happy to be part of this community.

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