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Blue Tunic – Simplicity 2191

Blue tunic

I have this problem that I’m drawn to pattern designs that I love on paper but not when wearing them. Sometimes it is a patten that looks good on me but it’s not really my style or other times I like the pattern style but maybe it looks heinous on me..

I think this top is a little of both. I love the idea of tunics like this but I don’t think it’s my style. On the other hand the fit is a little off.

Blue tunic

This Simplicity 2191 pattern is sized for different bra sizes. Now, I usually just make one size smaller than it says on the package when I made a Simplicity pattern and that always works well for me. Maybe with these cup size things it’s different.

Perhaps I should have made a 14 instead of 12? Or maybe my girls are bigger than I thought they were.

Blue tunic

I’m not sure but either way I went back and re-sewed all the vertical seams at 3/8th in instead of 5/8th from the bust line down in front and from the arm hole down on the sides. The shirt was way too tight in the hips so I shortened the hem a little more than the pattern calls for.

I also need to iron out those seams. There are still little thread bits leftover from seam ripping, too! Ha!

I looked the pattern up on Pattern Review and they only had one review and that was for the pants. However that reviewer also mentioned that the pants were very tight. I wonder if the whole pattern is on the small side and it isn’t just me?

Blue tunic

I also sewed on a button and made a loop on the back. The pattern wants you to put in a zipper but I think zippers in shirts are pretty lame.

Now it fits pretty well at least but I’m still not feeling the tunic all that much.

Blue tunic

I was going for a kind of Anthropologie vibe with the light color and incorporating mixed details like the little white trim and the silver accent buttons.

Blue tunic

Also I put the top facing towards the outside instead of on the inside (like the sleeve cuffs) so I could stitch the trim along the edge.

Maybe if I tucked it into a skirt I’d like it more. Eh, maybe this one will just stay in the closet for awhile. What do you think?

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  • Dixie! I think using the facing on the outside to create the yoke effect is nothing short of genius!! Love the colour, love the trim, love the buttons and love the way they go together. Maybe a steam press on all the seams would help. Would you wear it more with a cap sleeve perhaps??

  • I agree- brilliant idea to use the facing on the outside for the trim. I love that trim. I find that the fit is usually slightly off when I make things from Simplicity patterns. I always get the best fit from McCalls patterns.

  • Miss P – thanks! Yeah, I definitely need to iron the shirt more. Hmm, I haven’t thought of cap sleeves. I have some fabric left. Maybe I could cut some out and if I don’t like the shorter sleeves I can reattach the longer ones.

    liza jane – thanks! usually my only gripe with simplicity is that the bustline in the pattern can sometimes be lower than on my body and leaves a little saggy bit of fabric under my bustline. annoying! I haven’t noticed the same thing in McCalls but then again, I haven’t made nearly as many of their patterns.

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