Colette Juniper trousers


So, uh, yeah, when I saw the new Colette offerings I just about screamed. I don’t always love the Colette designs. Some don’t appeal to me although I can appreciate the quality and style of the patterns. But these two new patterns, the Juniper pants and the Anise jacket, are to die for.


I own the Clover pattern but I was worried about the crotch not fitting me well because the shape looked so foreign compared to other patterns I’ve used. I haven’t made those pants yet.

These Juniper pants are wide leg with deep, slash pockets and a front fly. I bought the download PDF three days ago, printed it out two days ago and muslined it and finished the final version yesterday.

I should say right off the bat that other than the pockets I changed nothing about this pattern. That’s how well it fit right away!

Let’s get down to the nitty gritty…


The Goal: I don’t have any pants. Ok, that’s an exaggeration. I don’t have any pants that fit. I’ve thrown out all but three pairs of jeans. One is made of some nasty synthetic that itches if I wear it for more than an hour. I only keep them because they’re black. The other is wide leg, flare that is supposed to be high waist-ed but it’s too big and now it’s more like a mid rise. The third are skinnies that I can pull on and off without unzipping/buttoning. Yeah. That ain’t working. No pants is ok for summer but occasionally the temp goes below 85 degrees and I’d like some pants. Need new pants STAT.

(darn, I realized I only took two back photos. trust me, even though it looks like there are diagonal lines going down the back, that’s just the way i was standing. the fit in the bum looks really good!)

The Pattern: The new Juniper. I cut a size 4. As for the PDF versus the printed paper pattern, here are my thoughts. Instruction layout is good. All the necessary bits are there just like in the paper pattern booklet.


The pattern pieces were good but my printer would cut off the very top and very bottom of each page which made it hard to match up (which may have made my pant legs ever so slightly wider or narrower when I taped the pieces together). Every printer is different so you may not necessarily have that problem. But because of that issue I didn’t like that the test square was spread across four pages. If my printer couldn’t print all the lines it makes it hard to tell if the test square is the right size.

It’s about 30 pages total just for the pattern pieces. The total document is 59 pages long.


The Fabric: Some plain 100% cotton denim from Joann(no stretch, all my past pants made from stretch fabrics have stretched out way too much. I wanted to try no-stretch this time. I might have picked a denim that’s too thick, the waistband gets bulky at the front. Pockets were leftover cotton voile.


The Changes: I made a muslin first for these puppies in which I changed the back crotch curve. When I tried it on I discovered it was a little tight so I went back to the original pattern line. Worked just fine. In the muslin I narrowed the back inner edge just slightly because these wide leg pants are really wide but I nixed that idea in the final version, also turned out fine. Seems like I didn’t need to make a muslin after all!

I hemmed them to wear with flats but made a big hem in case I want to let them out later. The basic inseam is long to allow you to hem as much as you need. I cut off about 4

So basically, these things fit just right straight out of the box. Sweet!


I did change the pocket openings to a scallop shape and angled them farther down the side of the leg. It was pretty easy, I just altered the pocket pattern pieces and the front two pieces by tracing my magnetic pincushion to create scallops.


The Results: This is a really nice pattern and would be easy to make lots of aesthetic changes. I like the wide leg look. I think because my legs are so much narrower compared to my hips these trousers look extra wide on me. It would be easy for me to get nit-picky about the leg fit but I’m probably the only one who would ever really notice. Next time I might lengthen the front crotch curve ever so slightly but it’s not that big of a deal. I’m so glad I have a pair of pants now that feels snug in the waist and hips and not saggy! I feel like I need a choir of angels behind me singing “hallelujah!”

  • They look great. Love the top. Is it a DIY?

  • Those are so stylish. And who doesn’t love a pattern that needs no adjustment!

  • These look great on you! So glad to hear that it was such an easy process!

  • They look great, Dixie! (That pocket fabric is from your Macaron, right?) And I’m going to guess Simplicity 2599 for the top… 🙂

  • I have to admit, I found your flikr account, before the blog. I was just looking through your pictures. You are a great seamstress. I love these pants. Maybe when I have some time (and fini9sh some other projects) I will make them. They look lovely on you.

    • Aww, thanks so much Stephanie. Welcome to the blog 🙂

  • They look awesome, I can’t wait to get started on mine!

  • You are so fast! I bought the pattern too and haven’t opened it still. Good job! Love the scallop pockets!

  • Your pants and those scalloped pockets are fabulous!

  • Gorgeous! The pockets are my favorite part.

  • I love these! I’ve never been one to wear wide leg pants, but I would consider making these. I have been curious to use a colette pattern.

  • Those are awesome! I love the scallop pockets. Great job!

  • I love the wide leg look and you made such versitile trousers. I was so curious to see it on someone. Really cute.

  • These look great! I have trouble with crotch curves fitting me but I really really want to try the juniper pattern, it’s just too pretty!

  • This is a great post, thanks very much for sharing!

  • Wow- these are rad! I am digging the scalloped pockets- such a cool feature.

  • These look so great on you! *Adds juniper pattern to cart*. You have inspired me to take on a pair of pant…. scary.
    Loving your blog 🙂

  • Meg

    Wow you win the prize for fastest sewer! And these look great!

  • the whole look is great – and i love the juniper’s! looks like a great addition to a wardrobe!

  • Oh they look fabulous on you. I ordered the Anise in a paper pattern thinking I would print the pants but now that I hear it is such a big download, I think I will just order the pants in a paper pattern too!

  • Wow – you got right on this one! These look great on you. Thanks for the review – I didn’t realize these were downloadable.

  • love this pattern and they look great on you! i am waiting for it to be delivered to the UK – glad i waited for the paper pattern as the PDF doesn’t sound like fun.

    • I’m really impatient 😉 I think having the printed tissue might have been nicer to have in the long run. I like their packaging and booklets.

  • I ordered this pattern as soon as I saw it and now I can’t wait to get it! They look fantastic on you, the fit is great and you can’t beat a wide leg trouser!

    • thanks! i love the wide leg look lately.

  • You are one fast seamstress! Yes, summer is over and we must be getting onto fall projects – pants, long skirts, etc. I think these pants look good on you! They don’t make you look wide one bit!

    • Yeah, I’m kind of spontaneous about sewing sometimes. Even though I have a huge to-do list of sewing at times I have to put it all aside and work on something new *right now.* This was one of those times…
      thanks 😉

  • OMG thats such a hot outfit you look fantastic in it!! I have only made 1 pair of pants and they were too big but Colette patterns are amazing I will have to check it out. Loved your review! Your top is really cute with it all too.

    • I’ve made a few pairs of pants and all but these ones have been too big or stretched out over time. 🙁 I’m excited about having ones that finally fit.

  • I’m the same about Colette patterns. They look great on everyone else but not really grabbed me until I saw Juniper. It looks like a great basic that would lend itself to subtle variations. The fact that the fit is so good may have just nudged me over the edge!
    Lookin’ good Dixie!

    • Yeah, I think it is a great basic that’s easy to embellish and put your own twist on it. I was really surprised about the fit, too.

  • Love these! They look super awesome on you – especially those cute scalloped pockets 😀

  • Amy

    These are wonderful on you – this must be my favorite pant shape. I’ll def have to try this pattern. And thanks for the warning about 59 pages! I don’t mind the cutting and taping business but that’s a project.

  • Nice pants!! I’ve been dying to see someone make these. I’m making mine over the weekend!

  • These look great and I love your scalloped pocket alteration! You’ve inspired me to start sewing up a pair this fall! And to try and find that McCalls pattern too – I love that ruffle-y top! 🙂

  • I have been tempted to buy this pattern and your review is the final push. I have a body that is out of proportion for most off the rack pants. I sewed some great elastic waist short pants this summer, but want to try a pair of corduroys or twill for winter. I was linked here via the pattern and look forward to browsing your blog and reading it in the future. Thanks for the review.

  • Did you use interfacing in the waistband? If so, what kind?

  • Jeni

    The Colette Juniper trousers look fabulous and I’m definitely going to give them a go! I also adore the jacket, but I think you said it was the Anise pattern, but it looks so different. Did you make a lot of changes? I really want to make one like the one you are wearing, but don’t know where to start…

    • Hey Jeni. I did buy the Anise pattern but this jacket in the pics is not it. Sorry for the confusion!

      • Jeni

        Ah, thanks for confirming. Did you make the jacket in the pics? if so, what pattern did you use?

        • I did not make it but the Chloe Blazer pattern by Jolie Marie Louise would be a pretty close match.

          • Jeni

            Oh thank you, Dixie, that is really helpful of you! 🙂

          • Jeni

            Just in case you ever want to know, the kaisla blazer from named clothing is a dead ringer for your jacket! 🙂