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Tag: historical sewing

Late 1780s Robe en Chemise Costume

When I tell people I like making historical costumes they always ask me, “Where are you going to wear that?” Well, guess what? I finally wore a costume to an event! I went to Dallas for the DFW Costumer’s Guild‘s annual Georgian Picnic. It’s a gathering of costuming enthusiasts where we dress up in 18th-century through Regency era clothes, eat, play games, socialize, and generally have a fun time. (from Festive Attyre’s Flickr album) Here’s everyone…

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Mid-Victorian underthings

Warning: this post is long. I’m sharing six (!!!) pieces I’ve made. All for costumes. I’m working on several historical costumes right now but this group of garments is for my 1840s costume. Some of these items are more 1860s/Civil War era, others much earlier, but they can still be used for the 1840s. Let’s start from the innermost layer and work our way out… Chemise: Made of white muslin, the chemise was like a big…

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Full Regency Era Costume

At last I have taken proper pictures of this costume! I’m wearing my Regency underthings along with a bodiced petticoat (which is exactly what it sounds like – a petticoat with a sleeveless bodice attached to it). The Dress first: Some soft blue cotton (that I like to pretend is wool, because it feels like wool) that I bought locally at a store that no longer exists 🙁 If you’ve read my previous post on…

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Venturing into the 18th Century

I know I haven’t been posting often lately but I feel I have a good excuse. Costumes. All the costumes. I’ve been dabbling in costuming work for the past year or so. If you haven’t been following along you can check out my previous Regency undies and dress and my recent cosplay. I’m working on garments from several eras right now but today I’m showing off my new 18th century undies. I’m going for a…

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Historical Sewing: Regency Dress

A few weeks ago I showed you some of the undergarments that support this Regency Era outfit. Here’s the finished dress (actually I’m wearing a petticoat under this, too, but didn’t bother to take pics). This is in fact not my first completed Regency dress but I wasn’t too excited about that one so decided to make another dress. I started with a blue stripe cotton from Hancock Fabrics and Butterick 6074, blending bits from both…

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Regency-era Underthings: More Adventures in Historical Sewing

Here’s a sneak peak at my new Regency era outfit (with a poor attempt at a turban to cover up my lack of long hair). If you remember I’ve been slowly working on historical costume sewing. I’ve made progress but until now no finished product has been blogged. For those unfamiliar, the Regency time period in terms of fashion spanned about mid 1790-1820s. Think Napoleonic era or Jane Austen movies. Columnar skirts, very high waistlines, lots…

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Dixie DIY vs. Dixie Victorian, round one

As you know, I’ve been working on this new historical costuming thing. I’ll tell you it’s just a fling so you don’t worry about me. 😉   (Exposing her petticoat?? How scandalous!) I’m using this pattern – Butterick 5831 and some green/beige homespun cotton gingham. So far I have most everything done. I have to sew the bodice to the waistband, hem the skirt and add buttons. And I’m almost done with the petticoat, just…

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