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New Years Skirt

Not a bad start on my New Years resolution to finish unfinished projects. I finished this Colette Beignet skirt in only a couple days. I didn’t use as many buttons as the pattern called for because the buttons I bought were vintage and they only had 9. The pattern calls for 12. I also didn’t include a lining on the inside. Instead I just serged the inside facing edge. The pattern includes a belt but…

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Double Layer Skirt

I made this skirt myself without a pattern using some cool printed lightweight cotton from my favorite fashion fabric store in town. I might post a printable pattern for it if I find the time to draw it out. It is pretty simple – a pencil skirt base and a circle skirt layer over it attached to a waist band and closed with a back invisible zipper. I might make another version maybe with an…

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Striped Tulip Skirt

It seems like everyone loves this Cynthia Rowley tulip skirt pattern (as a side note, yes, I do sew other things besides Cynthia Rowley patterns). I used this pattern before but to my dismay it turned into a big fat mess. I made the mistake of trying to use a wool (it was a thin wool, I swear) and trying to line it. Too bulky. Another time I used a fabric that was way too…

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Button Down Skirt

I’ve seen these kind of gathered button down skirts all over the place lately in different variations. Urban Outfitters happens to have a lot of them right now, for example. So I decided to make my own version and it’s not too difficult. You can download the pattern along with the instructions. (balloons from the party the other weekend) The skirt has an easy elastic waistband and mine is a faux button down. (view of…

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Craft: Super simple elastic waist skirt

This is a really easy skirt – in theory. I’m sure if I didn’t try to sew it when I was completely sleep deprived it would have been easier. I only messed up about 8 times, getting hems and waists sewn on the wrong side of the fabric. Ugh, ridiculous, I know. In my defense the right side and wrong side of the fabric look very similar. BUT if you follow these directions, I swear…

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Sewing: Striped A-Line Skirt

I actually finished this skirt a couple weeks ago but I wanted to work on a pattern for it. It began as a completely different design but I didn’t like the way it turned out so I ripped it up and started from scratch and I don’t think it turned out half bad. If you want to try it out yourself (pretty simple, just alternate your stripes) you can download the pattern and instructions. And…

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Yellow Skirt

Several weeks ago I bough some fabric from this shop on etsy. So cute with little pink birds on yellow! I used pieces from a pattern I already had but mixed it up a little bit and added pockets. Also, it should be noted that prior to just a few days ago I’ve never been able to properly do gathers (I’ll explain more on that in another post) so I made the skirt with pleats…

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Cutting and ironing and stitching, oh my!

Two finished projects. Very productive of me I must say. After the mishap of making that shirt too big and with fabric that I didn’t really like I bought new fabric and made it again, only first too small. Alas, I re-did it again and now it fits. I ditched those things on the shoulders, mostly because I was lazy. So this article from Craft Magazine reminded me of my idea to make a wrap…

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