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Tag: restyle

Dress to Skirt Restyle

There’s nothing like writing down a really long to do list to give you motivation to finish projects. Yesterday and today I tackled making a skirt smaller (in my mending pile), adding a braided string belt loop to my paper bag skirt (the belt kept slipping up off the back of the skirt whenever I sat down), working on a muslin for a dress and I bought a new pillow and some lace trim to…

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Striped Shirt Restyle

I bought this shirt from the J Crew outlet a couple years ago and at first I liked it but after a few weeks I started to get a sinking feeling about this top. I bought it at a time when I needed a lightweight long sleeve shirt for Texas’ mild winter and thought this fit the bill. The first sign that something was wrong was when I seriously considered being a pirate for Halloween…

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