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Tag: pants

70s Jeans – Vintage Pattern with Modifications

So I didn’t exactly finish these jeans this weekend like I had hoped. I had to wait until Monday to sew the pockets but I really like them! That’s one thing I need to work on – learning to accept that it is ok to leave a project unfinished. It will get done tomorrow, I know, but I still unnecessarily stress over it. But now that they’re done I think these might be quite popular…

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High Waist Pants Muslin – Vintage Simplicity 9629

No, these are not the final pants but I’m just so proud of myself for making pants that mostly fit on the first try. I would have posted this muslin version yesterday but Blogger was down for maintenance all yesterday afternoon until about an hour ago. Lame. Also, yesterday was not a face day. Ever have one of those days when you just don’t like showing your face in your sewing pictures? Yeah, yesterday was…

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