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Tag: DIY Christmas

Dixie DIY Chirstmas: Snowman Bell Ornament

Supplies: three silver jingle bells in different sizes, black and red felt, glue, needle and string, a small amount of black paint and brush. Cost: About $1.70 for each packet of bells, $0.25 per sheet of felt (mine was leftover scraps), $0.99 for paint but I already had some, I had the rest of the supplies so overall this project is about $5 or less Time: 30 mins with a little extra time for the…

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Dixie DIY Christmas: Poinsettia Wreath

Supplies: green and red felt (I cut seven flowers out of two and a half 8×10″ red felt sheets and only needed two sheets of green. Obviously if you want a bigger wreath you will need more felt), embroidery thread to tie the leaves and flowers, small gold jingle bells, wire wreath, scissors, paper and pen to make leaf templates. Cost: $1.25 for five sheets of felt, $0.99 for bells (they were half off), $0.25…

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