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Tag: crafts

Craft: Halloween Wreath

This is my rip off of a Martha Stewart idea. Turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself… Supplies: Two bunches of fake red rose flowers, wooden wreath base, black spray paint, ribbon Cost: $10 for flowers, $4 for paint, $2 for wreath, $4 for the ribbon and tulle. Time: About 2 hours. Difficulty: Easy Casualties: Black paint under my fingernails that won’t come off! First, cut the roses off the stems with…

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Craft: Amoeba Pillow Case

I got all excited when I saw this pillow made from felt and wanted to make a version for my couch. Supplies: About a yard and a half of felt fabric, pillow (I used an 18x18in), thread, sewing machine Cost: ~$8 for my fleece, already had thread, $16 for the pillow. Time: About 4 hours. Difficulty: ModerateCasualties: None I made the pillow case like this other pillow. Next I used all the remaining fabric to…

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Craft: Ruffled Pillow Case

I got a new couch, yes, it is amazing, but more on that some other time. So the couch needs some cute new throw pillows, right? So this is the first pillow of hopefully many more. Supplies: About a yard of fabric (I used fleece), pillow (I used an 18x18in), thread, sewing machine, beads (optional) Cost: $6 for my fleece, already had red thread, $16 for the pillow (more than I’d like to spend but…

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Craft: Autumn Leaves Garland

Even though it’s the middle of September all the craft stores have their fall and Halloween decorations up which makes me so exited for the holidays! I saw this garland idea on some other site and instantly thought of fall leaves. It’s been deathly hot all summer and these past couple of days have been amazing! Yesterday it rained ALL day, and the day before and it’s clearing up a little today but the sky…

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Craft: Tile Picture Coasters

Supplies: Tiles (I used some crappy marble things. It said marble, doesn’t look like any marble I’ve ever seen), cork backing to keep the tiles from scraping up your lovely surfaces (Ha! Like I even have good furniture), glue (I used Mod Podge because it’s a glue and a sealer), scissors or a paper cutter, and pictures printed on photo paper. Cost: $5 for tiles (they came in sets of 9 but I only used…

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That dress

That I re-made after that mess that was produced the first time, remember that one? Well it finally turned out all right, at least Lucy thinks so… More Las Vegas images tomorrow. I have a doctor’s visit early in the morning so I should be off to bed. Oh, and I did end up buying some organic milk and it is yummy.

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Photo Slide Lampshade

So I saw this idea online a long long time ago but didn’t have the supplies to do it. Well now I finally made it. It’s a lampshade made from old photo slides, in this case my mom’s photos from her escapades in Europe in 1970. Those slides were packed away in little boxes. It’s nice to see them displayed. You can see photos of London and monuments in Rome, snow covered peaks in Switzerland…

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