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Tag: apartment

1950s Chair with table

I posted about this chair last year and my sweet and wonderful boyfriend got it for me for Christmas! That ought to be a hint to women everywhere – if there’s something you want, blog about it, and then make your significant other read it. Although I didn’t ever talk to him about it. He went out and found this chair on his own after seeing on the blog and some how managed to hide…

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Craft room/dining room?

I decided on a whim the other night to reorganize my craft/sewing supplies and try to arrange them in the bookshelves in my dining room. I usually end up in there or in the living room in front of the tube while crafting and Justin suggested I turn my dining room into a craft room. I didn’t like the idea at first but then I just went for it – ripping out stacks of books,…

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A Peek Inside

Voila! Yellow! Thanks to a handful of friends my room magically became a bright shade of yellow in just a couple of hours. I just finished moving furniture back in and the sunny shade is already brightening my mood. BTW, I chose the shade that everyone else wanted. I think it turned out great!

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I’m thinking of painting my room yellow. Or maybe my living room? I’m just getting a little tired of the turquoise… I decided against moving and rather I resigned a six month lease here instead and I’m even saving $120 a month! Too bad most of that is going toward health insurance now instead. But now that I’m sticking around for a little longer I thought I’m maybe up for a little change. Painting Party…

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