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Sewing Challenges

Good news and bad news as of late. Good news is that my sewjo is running at high gear. I’m on a roll constantly sewing something or other these past couple weeks. I have several projects going on right now which is good because if I get bored or frustrated I can work on something else for a bit while still feeling productive. I’ve been thinking about what got me so inspired lately and I…

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Man, I feel like I’m working on a gazillion different projects but because of that none of them ever seem to get finished… At some point I’m going to finish them all and flood this blog with sewing goodies. In the mean time I wanted to let you in on some stuff I’m doing, perhaps stuff you’d want to get involved in, too. So, have you heard of SwimAlong 2013? It’s music to my ears!…

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Dixie DIY’s Year in Review 2012

I love the new year! New start, new goals, new memories but first I want to review everything that I did sewing-wise in the last twelve months. 2012 Was a pretty big year for me, I dyed my hair purple, sewed a bunch of swimsuits for my summer vacation, I released 3 new patterns (one of which was free), and made about 50 garments and accessories. Not too bad! Let’s break it down now –…

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