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Craft: Map Art

I have to admit that I totally hijacked this idea from one I saw in an art gallery (only his had many more roads). I tried looking up the artist but I think the exhibit is no longer there. But I did put my own little twist on it. The idea is to have a map that only includes the roads you’ve traveled and cities you’ve visited, and me, the travel nerd, loved that idea….

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Craft (sort of): Refinished Dresser

Supplies: Orbital sander (I used one that looks like an iron with a pointed side, you might want one of the mini ones if you have a lot of corners and curves), various grit sand paper, wet sand paper for sanding the knobs, stain, pre-stain, and a protestant (I used a sealer-stain in one), cloths, gloves, a mask, varnish remover if you have a thick coating on your furniture, plastic scraper, vacuum or broom, drop…

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Oh, Christmas Tree! Part Deux

Lookie what I bought. Yes, I am a sucker for vintage name brands. What can I say? With the addition of the old school Shiny Brites my newer ornaments are looking extra shiny, almost too shiny.And finally, another vintage item for last – the angel. Doesn’t really match the silvery theme but this angel is as old as me and was bought while we were in Germany. Got to keep up the tradition.

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Craft: Christmas Pom Pom Wreath

I saw this cute idea on another blog and had to make it! Supplies: 5 skeins of yarn (I think the stiffer the yarn the puffier the pom poms, so cheaper might be better Cost: $3 for the wreath, between $2-$4 each for yarn, probably more than I would have liked to pay but the color selection wasn’t that great, $3 for the vintage Santa. Time: Several hours to make and tie all those pom…

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Oh, Christmas Tree!

Since my living room walls are 50’s turquoise blue I decided the traditional Christmas look wouldn’t mesh well with this apartment. Instead, in the spirit of the 50s, I’m going for a Vintage Christmas vibe, so I bought a white tree. I seriously considered getting an aluminum tree and a color wheel but I’m trying to save money and this white tree was 35 bucks. Yay for big discounts at Hobby Lobby for ornaments. I’m…

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Craft: Halloween Wreath

This is my rip off of a Martha Stewart idea. Turned out pretty nice, if I do say so myself… Supplies: Two bunches of fake red rose flowers, wooden wreath base, black spray paint, ribbon Cost: $10 for flowers, $4 for paint, $2 for wreath, $4 for the ribbon and tulle. Time: About 2 hours. Difficulty: Easy Casualties: Black paint under my fingernails that won’t come off! First, cut the roses off the stems with…

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Craft: Amoeba Pillow Case

I got all excited when I saw this pillow made from felt and wanted to make a version for my couch. Supplies: About a yard and a half of felt fabric, pillow (I used an 18x18in), thread, sewing machine Cost: ~$8 for my fleece, already had thread, $16 for the pillow. Time: About 4 hours. Difficulty: ModerateCasualties: None I made the pillow case like this other pillow. Next I used all the remaining fabric to…

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Craft: Ruffled Pillow Case

I got a new couch, yes, it is amazing, but more on that some other time. So the couch needs some cute new throw pillows, right? So this is the first pillow of hopefully many more. Supplies: About a yard of fabric (I used fleece), pillow (I used an 18x18in), thread, sewing machine, beads (optional) Cost: $6 for my fleece, already had red thread, $16 for the pillow (more than I’d like to spend but…

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