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Closet Case Kalle Shirt

This is the first garment in several months that I’ve finished just for myself – not for a class, not sewing for anyone else. I liked the design of the Closet Case Kalle Shirt as soon as I saw it and printed it out immediately.

I sewed the popover style view B with the full collar and one pocket. I did shorten the length of both the front and back by about three inches. So it’s longer than view A but shorter than the original view B. I thought that might be more versatile for my wardrobe.The instructions were great – clear with well-labeled pieces. I liked the little tip for forming curved pocket corners and I appreciate a slightly smaller undercollar piece. Details like that make for a good pattern.

The placket goes together well if you pay special attention to all of those indicated fold lines, which I didn’t, ’cause I was lazy. Take my advice, follow the placket instructions carefully and you’ll be successful.

This fun polka-dot fabric is an especially smooth and finely woven Japanese cotton from The Cloth Pocket. I love it! It’s so soft and surprisingly doesn’t wrinkle much for a cotton. It’s so well printed that it’s difficult to tell the front side from the back. It’s thin but opaque, the perfect shirt fabric. I couldn’t find it on their website but if you come across it, definitely pick some up.

Buttons are just some simple plastic ones from Joann. I went with black so as not to compete with the fabric.

This shirt feels like a nice store bought shirt: great fabric, everything inside is finished with a serger, cute and stylish design.

This shirt might be just the thing I needed to get out of my sewing-funk. It’s a simple design with a lot of style which makes it easy to sew but also rewarding to finish.

Next, I’m starting a new historical costume which should be quite a bit of work but I hope finishing this shirt will inspire me to get sewing again!

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  • I love how the skirt picks up the mustard/gold dots in the shirt; I can see this pairing equally well with red or blue bottoms or cardigans, which is great versatility! I’m jealous of how perfectly your sleeve seam aligns with your cuff seam. No matter how hard I try, my success rate at aligning seams is only about 50%. Just have to keep at it, I suppose!

  • Love your version! The fabric is just fantastic. I have a thing for polka dots and am actually just finishing up my own Kalle dress in a polka dot rayon. Shortening the tunic version was clever, I’ll keep this hack in mind for future shirts 😉

  • Love your Kalle! I have the pattern sitting on my cutting table but it’s high on list for summer for sure and yours has spurred me to get this Springfield by Cashmerette that I’m now working on done!

  • Nice shirt! And when will you release this lovely skirt pattern? 😉 I’ve been waiting for it for sooo long… 😉 Greetings from Budapest, Hu

    • Thank you! Sorry, but I don’t think this skirt will ever be released. I had a lot of problems trying to draft the skirt (so many little pieces) digitally and then at one point I lost all my files when I had to buy a new computer. Basically I gave up on it out of frustration. But thank you for the interest.

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