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Vintage 70s Skirt – Simplicity 8019

Simplicity 8019

I’ve seen these little button-down, a-line, mini skirts all over the place lately so when I saw Simplicity 8019, a 1970s re-print skirt pattern in four lengths, I bought it to make my own version.

This skirt is a bit of a wearable muslin, I don’t love the fit but it’s good enough for now.

Simplicity 8019

I used a black cotton velvetteen from a now defunct local store paired with some matte black buttons from Joann.

One note about the pattern – I cut the shortest view, which on the pattern drawing comes above the knee, like I wanted, but the pattern pieces easily came to my knee (plus a 2″ deep hem). I shortened the skirt by about 3″ and sewed a narrower hem.

Simplicity 8019

The fit isn’t terrible. Originally the skirt pieces were too big in the waist but with so many vertical seams that problem was easy to fix. But when I went to attach the waistband it was too small. I made it work but I wonder if I made an error in cutting the waistband? Maybe I cut the wrong size or the pattern paper got folded while cutting? In the end, that made the waistband a little small.

Simplicity 8019

Also my attempt at quickly fixing a sway back issue resulted in some pulling at the center back waist that I don’t like. Next time I’ll pay better attention to my adjustment process.

Simplicity 8019

The only other aspect I don’t love is due to fabric. This velveteen has so much body and combined with the a-shaped skirt panels the skirt swings out at the hem, particularly in the back. It’s only noticeable at certain angles and I’m hoping in a different fabric the skirt will lay better. If not, I’ll use those handy vertical seams to take some bulk out at the side bottom of the back panels.

Simplicity 8019

I guess I’m just disappointed because this was such a simple pattern that I expected it to work easily and not require much alteration. Oh, well. They can’t all be winners and I have worn this skirt several times so I guess that counts as a success.

I have this pattern cut out of some demin ready to be assembled and hopefully I can remedy the fit issues this time.

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  • I’ve been eyeballing this pattern for a while, so it’s nice to see it sewn up, particularly in a heavier fabric. You’ve confirmed my suspicion that it would need some tweaking to be a go-to. I hope your denim version comes out exactly how you envision!

  • I have been looking for a pattern similar to this one for a navy corduroy skirt. I’ll have to keep my eye out for it. I really like it with the velvet but it is a shame you aren’t as happy with the outcome.

  • It’s too bad the short version didn’t work out well for you as you would like. The velvet is lovely and the front looks great so keep rocking it even with the small flaws.

    I made the ankle length version of this pattern in rayon and modified it to have an elastic waistband (cut 2-3 sizes too big and then drafted a rectangle to fit the top edge). I loved it and wore it all Summer. I even put a slip under it and have been wearing it occasionally since the weather turned cooler. I think the pattern might lend itself to lighter, swishier fabrics.

  • I always add an inch to waistband pieces, as I’ve found them either short (??), or slightly tight for my taste one too many times. You can always cut a bit off the end, especially if it’s just straight rectangle. A snug waistband is no fun! Anyway, this skirt looks great and I look forward to future versions! I have this pattern sitting in the stand-by pile as well.

  • I have this pattern all traced out and ready to cut the fabric right now- I just thought I might see if anyone had blogged about the skirt and here you are 🙂 About that waistband being too tight though, I don’t think you cut it wrong, when I put the paper pattern around my waist, it seems like it will be a bit too tight.. I think they just have the measurements EXACT with absolutely no ease? I’m still going to make it the way it is drafted just to see how it turns out.. wish me luck!! Ps was that defunct store Uncommon Threads? I miss that place 🙁

    • OKay, just a follow up, now that I’ve actually sewn this thing.. did you find the ease on the front parts RIDICULOUS? It was impossible to get it pucker-free, it is almost gathered in the front.. It was totally maddening!

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