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My Sewing Room Tour

My sewing room

Cut Out + Keep is hosting a photo tour of my craft room. This is kind of a big deal. Not because my room is extra special or anything. Rather my room normally looks like this:

That means I dumped a bunch of half finished projects in the hall furiously cleaned my room to take these pics. There’s also a little interview if you want to read that.

You can head on over to Cut Out + Keep to witness this one-time only miracle.

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  • Oh that made me laugh! My house looks like that at the moment!….my sewing room is actually looking ok but I have two machines on my kitchen table and fabric and patterns all over the lounge room! Hope nobody drops in!

    • When I have to start cutting fabric on my coffee table then I know it’s time to clean up my sewing room, lol. I have a big cutting space in my room but it’s always the first place to get cluttered.

  • Great sewing room! It’s yours so it can be in any state you like…I’ve seen mine worse! Maybe if we all shared messy sewing room pictures we wouldn’t feel so bad about it. Messiness is a natural part of creating.

  • Yay!! What a great feature. I need to catch up on all of your adventures in sewing. I’ve been out of touch for a while.

    • Thanks! Ugh, I’ve been really out of touch lately, too. I’ve found myself relying on Instagram to keep up with bloggers. I haven’t touched my blog reader in months. I feel kind of out of the loop.

  • ha ha, I saw the top photo and thought it looked more like a show sewing room from an advert than a real one. Was greatly releived to see the bottom one and find out you’re human. My sewing stuff is currently taking over the dining room and the spare room and was creeping into the living room earlier but I managed to chase it back into the dining room.

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