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Bonnell Dress Tester Round-up

I’m so glad that after months of hard work the new Bonnell Dress is finally out. I hope you all love it as much as I do.

But I couldn’t have done it without help from my very wonderful pattern testers. Testers are so important. They not only catch small errors that I seem to be blind to, they show how a design will look on many body types, they help me figure out what parts of the pattern are difficult to understand or should be altered, and their individual opinions help me decide how best to make necessary changes. If I get similar responses about one aspect of the pattern from several people then I know something needs to be fixed.

Like many people, it’s hard for me to take criticism sometimes, even when I ask for it. Yet I know all these testers want the same thing I do: a great finished pattern. Not every change can be implemented – no pattern will fit every body right out of the package and sometimes I have to make compromises for economy and ease of use. But with help from these ladies the end result is 100% better than the first version I sent them out to test and I am so grateful.

These are just a handful of the ladies who helped me out but I wanted to again say thank you to all my testers!

Click the photos or links to head over to each blog post:

Ashlee from Smash Knits



Lindsay from Design by Lindsay (who is also a fellow Austin-ite!)



Zoe from Hello Zoe B



 Caroline from CJ Made

cjmade1 cjmade2


Katharina from Froebelina



Mary from Mary is Sew Fast



Melissa from Mahlica Designs



Johanna from Old House Mama



Emily from Mai Attique


I loved all the different fabric choices everyone used from double gauze to African wax prints, two-tone color combos to border and panel prints. Hopefully their dresses will inspire you to sew up your own!



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    • Thanks, I use Adobe Illustrator CS6 (which is several years old at this point), along with the occasional Photoshop work, too. Illustrator is pretty popular with designers.

  • Can I just acknowledge, and thank you for using pattern testers outside of the collective who seem to be popular by indie pattern developers. I am SO sick of seeing the likes of Lauren, Ginger etc as seemingly exclusive pattern testers for new indie patterns – it instantly makes me distrust the pattern developers motives for choosing them.
    Instant free exposure to the masses is how their ‘random’ selection method comes across.

    Firstly, I have just discovered some fantastically talented new blogs /bloggers – Mai Attique in particular has an aesthetic which I just LOVE – unique, non ‘clique’ influenced content which is lacking in so many sewing blogs these days.

    Secondly, it has literally stopped my from clicking the ‘unfollow’ button for Dixie DIY, you have shown in this gesture that you have integrity, and a true belief that your pattern will sell on it’s own merits, not based on the ‘cool kids’ collectively chanting “buy it, buy it” disingenuosly.

    • Thanks Stacey, and I love Emily’s blog. Her pics, especially, have a great aesthetic that I think compliments her kind of chic-casual style. She makes a lot of great stuff.

  • Thank you so much for posting all the tester versions! Before I buy a pattern I like to see consumer-made versions first, and this just made this sooo much easier and quicker. Plus these are new-to-me bloggers which is always exciting. I want to make exactly Froebelina’s dress, that print placement is fantastic!

    • Omg, that print on Freobelina’s is really cool, I want it! And I’m glad you got to find some new bloggers to follow 😉

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