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Official Call for Testers

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I know I’ve been a bit MIA these last few weeks but that doesn’t mean I haven’t been busy sewing.

Last week I sewed a shirt that seemed like it never wanted to be made. I struggled with the pattern, with the instructions and when I was finished I struggled with taking clear pictures of it because the fabric was black. Quite disappointing.

I really needed a quick win after spending so much of the past few months sewing endless historical costume pieces and different versions of my new dress pattern.

Blank Slate Patterns' Tulip Top

I did finish this Tulip Top for the Blank Slate Sewing Team! I had a fun time taking pictures of the shirt with some feathered friends (I got really excited seeing this peacock).

Charity sewing session for Dress for Success! I made these pants and a couple skirts.

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This past weekend I participated in a charity sewing event with my meet-up group for our local Dress for Success. We managed to make three pairs of pants, five cardigans, several a-line skirts and a bunch infinity scarves in only a few hours! All were basic and versatile garments made in certain commonly needed sizes. It’s amazing how quickly you can crank out clothes when you’re all working together.

But onward to the important newsmy new pattern is spell checked and ready for testing!


Here’s the size chart above. If you’d like to test please shoot me an email with the subject “Pattern Testing” to the address below. Please include which size (or size combo like 10-bust, 12-waist, 8-hip or whatever) you’d be making. I’d like to get all the sizes tested.

Update: Wow! Thank you for the incredible response. I think I’ve got enough testers for now. I’ll be sending out emails to all of you soon.

And thank you all for your support and excitement over this pattern! It’s helped me so much to stay motivated to finish this project.

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  • Oh, Dixie! I’m very excited to buy your new dress pattern. I love the shape/silhouette of the dress. I am also a big fan of your ballet dress pattern too.

  • I don’t know what got me more excited, that this dress comes in my size or that you wore a Portal shirt to a charity sewing event. Can’t wait to buy this!

    • haha, wow I can’t believe you recognized that! Actually its a Portal AND Bioshock Infinite shirt. Booker and Elizabeth are falling through the portals.


  • Nooo I’m too late 🙁 Sos sad. I wanted to check in yesterday but I couldn’t open the site.
    Soos sad, I really wanted to test it :s
    Good luck with it!!

    • Uh oh, I wonder why that happened? Maybe I went over my bandwidth or something? Do you remember how long you couldn’t access the site?

      • Maybe it was an access problem here in Belgium or something with my internet, I don’t know. But everytime that I opened the site, I saw a blank screen 🙂 Now it’s totally ok though. So sad, but well I’m happy that I can see the site :s and hopefully I have some lukc next time 🙂

  • A peacock lives in my backyard. You know it’s spring when the peacock is strutting his stuff! Unfortunately for him, no peahens around. Love the tulip shirt and good job on the charity sewing 🙂

      • He was already here when we moved in. I live in a wooded area and nobody seems to remember who his original owner was. He is very loud in the spring/summer, but then he loses his plumes and leaves them all over the yard for me to collect and put in pretty vases 🙂

  • Hey Dixie,
    Have you sent out the pattern yet? I’m just getting a little worried that something is wrong with my e-mail account again (it was recently). I replied to Sunday’s e-mail pretty much immediately and haven’t heard back from you yet.
    Thanks, Jana

      • Oh, that’s totally fine. I’m not in a hurry. I just wanted to make sure you weren’t still waiting for my reply. My e-mail client just recently ate some e-mails I sent, there’s no trace of them left. Mysterious things like that make me nervous. (:

        • Ok yeah, I was just having trouble sending you emails. I tried sending it from a different email address to see if it was an issue on my end. If you don’t get an email from me soon then we’ll know something’s up.

          • Yeah, ok that didn’t work either. The only thing I can think of is maybe the attachment is too big or your inbox is too full. I’m going to try to compress the file more…

  • Hi Dixie,
    Can’t wait to get the pattern soon. Another idea is to set up a secret facebook group as a discussion ground and way to get finished garment photos. I’ve done that for previous pattern testing and it worked very well.

    • Hey Paige, thanks! I thought about doing that but I don’t use FB that much anymore. I think next time I’ll probably give in and do that.

      • yeah I cringe when I have to use facebook, but it works out really well for getting a vast group together to collaborate online. Plus if you’ve got a central testing place, you don’t have to deal with as much duplicate information. Like someone can post something about a typo or drafting issue and you won’t have to hear it like 20 more times because everyone sees the post. Looking forward to the dress though, perfect for spring!

  • I tried to sew a dress once. I did it all by hand because I don’t have a sewing machine and I am afraid of them. Needless to say I never finished it. I probably should though! Thanks for the post! Very inspirational

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