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Announcing the “Movies in the Park” Shorts Pattern!

Movies in the Park Shorts

Big news on the blog-front, readers! I’m very pleased to announce what has been a long time in the making – my newest downloadable pattern for sale – The “Movies in the Park” Shorts.

Movies in the Park Shorts

You’ve seen a previous version of these shorts before, back in May for my Shorts and Shirts Summer Wardrobe (which I’m still working on, hey, it’s still summer!).

Movies in the Park Shorts

This new version is practically identical to the other shorts. I made these in a stretch cotton bottomweight (medium weight fabrics like denim, twill, poplin, corduroy, etc would be best for these shorts) with some good, old fashion plastic buttons and plain, black bias tape for the binding.

As usual the pattern comes in five sizes ranging from hip measurements 35-42″. Like my last pattern this one comes with lots of illustrations and instructions, even detailed steps on how to attach bias binding, stitch-in-the-ditch style if you’ve never done it before.

Movies in the Park Shorts

This time I included metric in addition to imperial numbers for body and finished measurements and yardage/meter-age.

I’d recommend the pattern for advanced beginners and up. You’ll need to know how to attach interfacing; do basic stitching, basting and understitching; finish seams using whatever method you like; sew buttons and buttonholes; and attach bias binding (although I have full instructions on that if you don’t already know how).

Movies in the Park Shorts

I’ll probably do a little shorts fitting post pretty soon to cover some common crotch issues but what is nice about these shorts is that you can easily adjust the fit at the sides by moving the overlapping leg pieces and stitching down your buttons in the place that feels more comfortable (an idea I got after losing weight and I was annoyed by the idea of having to do major alterations).

Movies in the Park Shorts

The shorts have back darts, deep front pockets, an interfaced waistband and bias trim edging. There are six buttons on each leg but only the top three are functional. I found that keeping the bottom buttons non-functioning helps to prevent the fabric from pulling on the open buttonholes.

Movies in the Park Shorts

I’ve been living in these shorts the past few weeks. They are so comfortable for summer weather and being outside. I call them the “Movies in the Park” shorts because they’d be great to lounge around in on a warm summer night having a picnic in the park watching a free movie (or play or musical) put on by the city (does your town do this? mine does).

Having recently done that I am reminded of this super funny sketch from the show Portlandia on IFC. I find that Portland and Austin are culturally very similar.

The new pattern is now available in store for $4 and if you purchase you’ll get an email with a download link almost immediately after you pay. Yay for instant gratification!

All instructions and pattern pieces are in one 16 page PDF. Remember to print without scaling but there is a test square to double check.

Movies in the Park Shorts

Thanks to all of you who buy my patterns and read the blog. I appreciate all the support and comments. Now that this pattern is finished I can get back to normal life like sewing for fun and catching up on my blog reader (I’m seriously backed up, sorry blog friends!). But who am I kidding, I’ve already got another pattern in the works (a dress). It never ends, does it!?

Comments (20) for post “Announcing the “Movies in the Park” Shorts Pattern!”

  • Finally! I know you were working on this for such a long time and that you had computer troubles along the way. DAMN computers! The style is great! It’s simple but the side detail gives it just enough oomph to make it special. I agree with your decision to only make 3 buttons functional. This makes the short easier to put on and off.

  • Congratulations! These are great. I’ll purchase patterns next week. I find your patterns sew up great because the instructions are so clear. I hope you do a skirt next!

  • Very cute! I like those shorts and they are different that anything else out there.

    Unfortunately, my button-hole function on my machine doesn’t work… so I avoid anything with button holes… maybe it would work with an invisible zipper and non-functioning buttons sewed on???

    • Hey Trisha, it’s funny. I began designing these shorts because I hate doing zippers, haha. Even though buttons often take longer.

      Have you ever done a fly front zipper? Well, you could do a make-shift side fly zipper by using the overlap on the side as the “fly.” It would require some creativity but it could work.

  • Ive been looking forward to making these shorts since you announced that you were working on the pattern. They look amazing and I cant wait to make a pair in red. Great Shorts at a Great Price im in sewing heaven! Thanks Dixie

  • These look amazing!! Can’t wait to give them a go – and they’ll look so cute as the weather gets colder with tights and cosy knits… Off to raid my stash for some appropriate fabric!

  • Yay! I’m so excited about this pattern. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’ve actually never sewn a button hole before? Is that weird? Haha I can’t wait to try these shorts. I made your concert tee and love it! I’m excited you’re offering a pattern made from woven fabric, that’s a huge step in my opinion. Thanks! -Kara

    • Button holes aren’t that hard if your machine does it automatically. It’s just a little tedious ๐Ÿ˜‰

      Yeah, I’m excited about woven, too! I do love knits but it’s nice to have some variety.

  • Yippee! It’s finally warming up Australia way so this is the perfect time to start sewing some shorts. I’ve been trying to hunt down button sides for a ways to skate in so super excited. Congratulations on your new pattern!!!

  • Okay, so I’ve gotten up to where I attach the waistband—there’s no notches and I think I attached it upside-down?! The waistband is all gapey and mis-shapen, while the rest of the shorts fit fantastically. I confess, I usually sew dresses and don’t know pants or shorts that well, so do you think that’s what happened? Your instructions are super clear and great, btw!

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