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…it’s coming!


I feel I must apologize for my infrequent posting but I’m in the middle of what seems too many projects at once.

One of those projects is the Swimsuit sew-along and the other is my new pattern that I hope to release next week.

I’m doing a test printing now. I still have much to tweak but luckily the bulk of the work is done.

The pattern will be a pair of shorts so us in the northern hemisphere have a few months left of summer to wear them and all you Aussies can wear then with tights or wait to whip them up in spring. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This pattern will feature plenty of illustrated instructions and measurements will be listed in both imperial and metric!

In the mean time while you’re all waiting patiently I have the sew-along to finish and a few more projects to share. One of which will be the basis for my next pattern after these shorts! The work never ends, does it?

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  • oh I can’t wait for your pattern to be released! I hope the work doesn’t bog you down too much and that you’re able to enjoy some part of this week!

  • Oooh, I’m excited to see what these look like. After suffering a gigantic failure with the Clover pattern I’ve been leery of sewing bottoms. Which isn’t fair because Burda and Built by Wendy bottoms fit. Anyhoo, I’ll try again. At least shorts don’t take up much fabric. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • I think shorts are like the gateway drug to trousers. You have many of the same fitting issues but not all of them. BBW bottoms work for me, too, but I’ve never tried any by Burda, might have to check them out.

    • Cool! I totally agree, once you get a pair of shorts to fit the way you want then it’s just a matter of adding more ease and length to make pants. Unfortunately, I haven’t perfected any shorts yet! Can’t wait to see your design.

  • I always geek out over your patterns and I cant wait to get my hands on your new one. I always leave the dressing room laughing when I try shorts on at stores so I cant wait to make my own. I hear so many horror stories about people who try to make bottoms but I think its time for me to take the plunge and try them.

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