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The Big Reveal, or, now I remember why I hate painting so much

Painted Craft Room

You’ve seen my craft room before. I did a big post on how I organize everything a few months ago. You also saw my sneak peak. But now you get to see it WITH STRIPES!!!! (insert maniacal laugh here because this paint job drove me insane)

Forgive me, the room has been finished for a few weeks but it wasn’t clean enough for photos until recently.

What do you do when you want to paint your room but can’t decide on a color? You use all of the colors!

Painted Craft Room

I like the stripe effect because I get a little bit of every shade. The dark is on the bottom so it doesn’t overwhelm this small room and I think the lighter shades leading upward make the room seem taller. Well, that’s my personal non-interior designer impression of it.

Painted Craft Room

Someone noticed last time that the paint colors match the blog design and she’s right and I can’t believe I didn’t make the connection when I picked these colors. I must really really like coral. The bottom three colors were taken straight off a color card and the top pink was an oops paint at the store as a discount and it just so happened to be the color (or close enough) to what I needed.

I’ve painted a lot of apartments in my life (and painted them back to white when I left) but over time I’ve grown less and less inclined to spend a few days buying supplies, taping, painting layers, cleaning rollers and waking up with a stiff shoulder.

Painted Craft Room

I think this is the pinnacle of my disdain for painting. I did two walls at a time and shoved everying up against the other walls so space to paint was limited. I used two rolls of tape and because of the lines I could only paint two stripes of wall at a time like the top stripe and the third. Then let those dry then re-tape and paint the second and last stripe. Because I had to wait for stripes to dry the process took far longer than a I had enthusiasm for.

Now I remember why I didn’t buy a fixer-upper house – because I hate painting! If Justin wants to paint any other room in this place he can do it himself.

Painted Craft Room

But the result is pretty cool so I guess I’m glad I stuck it out and finished!

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  • It really does look awesome…and as a percentage of the time you spend in the room, the painting will shrink farther and farther from your current hatred the longer you stay there, right?

    I absolutely love the gradated effect on the walls. I linked a friend to your flickr to look at the photos because I love it so much. I’m currently painting my walls, but with the understanding that they have to be presentable for a guest room (ie, neutral) once I’m no longer the room’s occupant. If only…

    • It’s sort of what I hear from mothers about child birth – after awhile you’ve forgotten how much it hurt because you’ve got this cute little baby. Obviously painting does not equal childbirth but I think the metaphor works.

      Thanks for sharing! I hope your friend gets inspired and I hope you’re painting experience goes smoothly!

  • The room looks amazing!!! I know you are sick of painting but I think it was well worth the effort. I’ve painted a lot in my time too – and it gets less appealing each time I do it. But there is nothing like a freshly painted room for its vibrancy. Bravo!

    • this is my first official designated room ever. i had a good 6 years of warning roommates about potential pins and needles lost in the dining room carpet so i’m very glad to have a room which i can close off and not have to pack everything up. 😉

  • LOVE the color combo…it’s so cheery!

    I just a bit envious of your craft room.
    I have a sewing corner and a craft closet that has who knows what inside…

    Love it!

    • thanks! I’ve had the craft closet before so I know what you mean. I think that if I were a contestant in a beauty pageant and in the interview section I was asked what’s my one wish for the world, I wouldn’t answer “World peace,” instead I’d say I want every crafter/sewer to have his/her own room! Ha!

  • Oh, I LOVE the stripes! SO much fun!

    Yes, I hate painting, too. But I love basking in a newly finished room. J and I are about to start on our bedroom after a six month hiatus from painting (we bought a fixer upper…) I think you need to take breaks. In a few months time you’ll be ready to paint something else!

  • the room is beautiful. My husband always tells me “this is the last time” after he’s painted a room. He forgets the pain after several years (like forgetting the pain of childbirth, I guess) which is lucky for me since he’s a LOT better at painting walls than I am!

    • Ha! I made that same childbirth comparison in a previous comment before I read this comment. You are so right. With time one forgets the pain. My boyfriend never seems to tire of painting however he’s not as good as me and tends to get drips everywhere. There’s really no winning for me.

  • So fun! I bet the stripes will help inspire you when you’re in the room. Since we’re renting now, I have to deal with the puke-colored plaid walls in my sewing room. It drains the inspiration, I tell ya!

  • Oh I love love the stripes! I so want a sewing room, and this makes me want one even more just so I can paint it in stripes… or, maybe get someone to paint it for me 🙂

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