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Ballet Dress Pattern Now on Craftsy

Did you know now has a pattern section? You might have heard about Gertie’s Bombshell Dress class on Craftsy before.

Well, I added my Ballet Dress pattern to their catalogue just to try it out. You can still buy the pattern from BigCartel but if you’re over on Craftsy already and in the mood for some pattern shopping, well, it’s convenient.

I’m thinking about adding some of my free patterns on their site, too, because right now it’s mostly overrun with toddler size clothing patterns. I find that to be the case with most collective pattern websites.

But there are a few grown-up related patterns to be had, as well as several free ones! Here are a few of my non-kid pattern faves:

This wrap top from 3 Hours Past is what got me to Craftsy to begin with.


 You could make a sleek and silky robe from this designer in Paris, ooh la la!


Or how about this cute knot clutch! I’m really digging this one!

I really like finding new pattern designers and resources and one of my New Years Sewing Resolutions was to use more indie patterns like these.

BTW, has anyone ever taken a Craftsy course? Would you say it’s worth the money?

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  • I am taking the paper piecing class and the block of the month class. Block of the month is quilting, but it is free. You could always sign up and see what you think of the format and decide if it would work for you. They run a lot of specials, so wait for a sale if you sign up. I’m a fan.

  • I’ve signed up for the Bombshell Dress and The Couture Dress classes after getting discounts for them. So far they are great. I love the flow and the ability to go back and see the videos whenever I want. Hoping to complete one of the dresses this summer.

  • I’m a long time reader of your blog, first time commenter. Haven’t taken any of the Crafty courses but I sure hope they are good because I’ve just signed up for the jeans course(they had a half price special). Fingers crossed it’s worth it!

    • Hey, thanks for commenting! Nice to meet ya 😉

      I must keep missing these darn sales! I need to keep checking the site. After my last attempt at jeans I think the Jeans course might be very helpful and I like the instructor, too.

  • I’ve taken the Knit Lab (basic one) and the Bombshell Dress class. I got the knitting one for only $20 during their Christmas sale and it was excellent! The best part is the ability to go back and watch them again. For example, I’m working on a new knitting project and I couldn’t remember what SSK was, but I was able to go back to the course and relearn it. I’ve watched all of the Bombshell courses and they are excellent, but I was pregnant at the time and have been waiting for a waist again to start actually making it. Sign up for the newsletter and they have a lot of sales! I recommend them!

    • I think the knitting one would be great to take because, while I can do a basic knit and purl, I don’t know much else. And since I’m such a visual learner with needle arts having a professional video would be much easier to watch than sub-par you tube videos.

  • Those are cute patterns, I love the knot purse! I actually bought Gertie’s bombshell dress class last fall, but haven’t yet had the time to make it… It’s planned for spring, though!

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