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In the works

I’m not sewing anything at the moment (besides my crazy monster quilt) but I am working on a new project – a pattern for my ballet dress. I’m trying to make my instructions clearer while adding better cutting layouts and supplies, and trying to find the most efficient way of printing the pattern pieces. Basically I’m attempting to up my game to make everything more precise and easy to follow.

But it’s not just a new pattern that I have up my sleeve! I’m working on a new series of posts for beginners on how to sew knit fabrics and that will culminate in a sew along of my new ballet dress pattern. The ballet dress is a great beginner knit design because it not only teaches you how to sew hems and seams on a knit but also how and when to add elastic or stabilizers and how to attach a nifty collar. Plus it’s a pretty simple design and easy to fit and alter.

So look for more on my little project later this month. I’ve still got a lot of details to flesh out. 😉

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