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Finally Finished – McCall’s 5613

McCall's 5613

Alright, so it’s not even December yet but I already feel a overwhelmed with my challenge of handmaking most of my Christmas presents this year. Luckily I finished my last of three little girl’s dresses, one for each of my cousins. You can see the other two here and here.

McCall's 5613

This dress was made from McCall’s 5613, version D. I liked that it can be worn in the hot Texas weather or with a sweater or shirt underneath for colder days.

The pink and yellowish-green fabric was a remnant from the store I intern with and the buttons were from a multi size pack I bought at Joann. I had a hard time finding the right color buttons.

McCall's 5613

Oh, and you know what’s annoying? When you buttons are too big to fit in your button hole maker foot. Oh, well. I made it work.

I really think it is a pretty cute dress and I’m sure my little girly-girl cousin will love the flowers and pink (she’s 2 and 1/2).

McCall's 5613

But phew, I’m glad to be done with other people’s clothes. I never realized how much I’d worry and fret over if I made the right size and I have no way to tell.

While these dresses are adorable I’m glad to be getting back into making clothes for myself. I’m halfway finished with a pencil skirt right now and I’m almost ready to launch my knits lessons and sew-a-long!

Now if only I could finish that darn monster quilt…

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  • Very cute and well-done. I empathize, because I just finished two skirts for someone else’s daughter whom I’d never met. I kept worrying over the sizing and became a crazy perfectionist about every detail since it was for someone other than myself. But it’s also so gratifying to have another person appreciate and use your sewn items — makes it worth it!

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