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Simple Green T-shirt

Green T-shirt

Here’s another shirt I whipped up recently. It’s nothin’ fancy but I really need more t-shirts in my wardrobe so this helps.

The pattern I used is Simplicity 2261, version C.

The fabric is a cotton blend jersey style knit that almost feels like a thin sweater knit.

Green T-shirt

I never got around to buying some lace for the shoulder design so I just made the shirt without it.

I like that the design nice and simple but the gathered sleeves make it a little more special.

Green T-shirt

The pattern calls for two front layers to make the neckline seamless, but ugh! Thinking about an extraneous layer of fabric when I’m outside in 100+ degree weather is terrible. Yeah, I cut that part out of the equation. Instead I made a binding for the whole neckline and stitched in the ditch.

Green T-shirt

Also, a new thing I bought – a twin needle. I love how it gives the look of a coverstitch machine on t-shirt hems.

I want to try the skirt part of this pattern for fall. For now I’m just glad I have more t-shirts and tank tops in my summer wardrobe.

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  • This is a really nice shirt. The sleeves give it a little something different from regular t’s. I agree with you about another layer in 100 degree weather, that was a smart design move.

    And that necklace is great!

  • Love this! Yours looks way better than the picture on the pattern! And I love that you used binding on the neckline! The sleeves make it better than a regular t-shirt 🙂

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