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New Years Skirt

Not a bad start on my New Years resolution to finish unfinished projects. I finished this Colette Beignet skirt in only a couple days.

I didn’t use as many buttons as the pattern called for because the buttons I bought were vintage and they only had 9. The pattern calls for 12.

I also didn’t include a lining on the inside. Instead I just serged the inside facing edge.

The pattern includes a belt but I didn’t want to make it. Unfortunately the belt loops are so thin that you can only wear a very skinny belt with this skirt. I might have to buy a belt specifically for this skirt.

Overall I really like the skirt. It could a stand to be a little smaller but it is fine the way it is. I never used a pattern from this company so I went with the size that exactly matched my measurements. Next time I’ll make a size smaller but compared to bigger pattern brands the sizing for this skirt was much better.

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  • That’s a really good job. Well done for sticking with your resolutions. I haved made zero for 2011 so far!! (resoloutions OR sewing projects)
    Happy New Year to you!
    Portia (Miss P)

  • thanks! i’m going to try my best to stick to these resolutions. depends on how big my desire to sew is at any given moment. happy new year!

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