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Using Scraps: Throw Pillow

You may already know how I am always trying to use up scraps of fabric. For some reason every time I buy fabric I end up with way too much! I have several large pieces, big enough for pillows so I’ve begun making pillowcases with the excess cloth.

To give this particular pillowcase a little extra pizazz I decided to add piping! So here’s a little mini tutorial and tips on how to sew a pillowcase with piping and a zipper.

Cut 2 squares of fabric the size of the pillow you want to use + seam allowances (1/2in allowance on a 16inx16in pillow for me). Wrap the piping around the edge of one fabric piece right side facing up. The stitched line on the piping should match the stitch line that you will sew.

You can clip the corners of the piping to help it stretch around the point better.

You’ll need a piping/zipper foot so you can get good and close to the piping line. Stitch all the way around the edge.

On one of the edges you’ll add the zipper. I used an invisible zipper lying around but I sewed it like a regular zipper. Luckily the width of the zipper and the width of the piping are the same to they line up well. Pin the zipper face down and line up the edge with the piping edge and stitch.

Now you’ll have one whole half of the pillow finished. Now you need to attach the other side.

Pin the two pieces together, right sides facing. On the zipper side (make sure the zipper is open! You don’t want to sew the pillow and realize it is inside out and zipped closed!) pin the zipper to the fabric like earlier – don’t forget your seam allowance measurement! Stitch all the way around.

Yay, almost finished! Now turn inside out and poke out the corners with your finger and insert a pillow.

Pretty cute. I originally intended to not use a zipper closure and instead have one of those fold over back openings but I accidentally went scissor happy and cut my fabric pieces without thinking ahead of time that the back piece would have needed more fabric. Oh well, luckily I had a zipper!

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